How can you return this car at lease end?

Can you even return this car at lease end? $35K+ aftermarket mods… Probably you have to buy it.

You have to transfer it to a sucker


Purely a guess: their plan was to buy it at lease end …and then life and/or Covid-19 happened


The wrap, wheels, tint were all “just done”. I wonder why do it 2 years into lease?


What makes you think that the guy paying $1150/mo for an M4 is good with money?


Doesn’t the original lessee still have his name on the contract? So if somebody takes over the lease and the dealer says wtf on return day, the person transferred to can just hand keys, walk away and let them deal with the original lessee to make things right. No?

Not if it’s BMW FS - the new lessee takes on everything. So if the new lessee didn’t do their due diligence, they’re on the hook for it at the end. There are some older posts about someone transferring into a M4 and found that it didn’t have an OEM part. It got big pretty quickly but as far as BMW FS and BMW NA are concerned, it’s between the new and old lessee, with the new guy being wholly responsible.

On the other hand, Audi FS does still hold the original lessee responsible, which is also a reason why you don’t see many Audis come up for transfer (but a ton of BMWs)

God help whoever actually takes this…

Outside of the wrap I would wager most inspectors wouldn’t know what’s aftermarket.

Wheels are easy fix
Digital vent should be easily swapped
Nobody will care about the calipers
Headlights should be easily swapped if you are handy with some tools ( not sure if bumper has to come off)

Only a bmw tech could tell engine/exhaust work done

The side skirts/diffuser/lip are an easy fix but probably go unnoticed.

I don’t think much of this would be caught at pre inspection besides the wrap + headlights + steering wheel (maybe??)

If there’s some sort of inspection by a bmw tech this car is gonna get hammered. I don’t know what bmw does after pre inspection but most of the stuff under the hood/exhaust is a lot harder to see and the cosmetic stuff is easy to fix.