How can a S.Florida shopper get leasehackr deals?

Im looking for a decent euro entry level performance sedan or coupe (440i Msport, 340i M sport, c43, m240i ) 24m or 36m/15k
other floridians may know, its tough getting dealers here to budge on prices,doc fees, MF rates. so I want to know does anyone have any solid tips on what to do? Even the brokers here advertise > 1% deals going as low as 7.5k miles

Should I be searching outside of florida now and perhaps ship it down here? if this is the case which state or dealer should I be looking at? I should stick to east coast right because of high transport costs from the west coast?

any other tips?

Look at deals in Atlanta and in North FL closer to GA where there should be more competition

Also look on swapalease and mbworld, bimmerfest, f30post, etc for lease swaps.

alot of these cars are hard to get a good deal on whether FL or not. And then you’re adding 15k miles on top of it.

You can ship from out of state but:

a) the savings have to be greater than the shipping cost which can add up or the broker fee for a good broker to get you a deal locally.

b) to ship cars economically you have to ship via open carrier which might result in your car getting damaged during transit (happened to me). Closed carrier will kill any and all savings and then some.

c) you lose FL lemon law protection if you get a car from out of state.

Did you have better luck working with dealers upstate rather than down here?

i don’t even bother with Miami-Dade county, Broward and up.
A lot of it is timing, i strongly believe that you will get a much better deal last day of the month if you can find a dealer that’s just short of hitting a bonus for selling X cars. I just got a call from a S.FL dealer at 9:30pm on April 30 willing to do anything to make a deal happen but my ego got in the way and i didn’t want to give them my business because they jerked me around too much earlier in the month :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Now that i know May numbers are worse than April numbers almost all across the board i wish i would have just taken it but April was already not great so i was rolling the dice on May. I lost :tired_face:

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A&B) I would just fly one way and drive it back. It’s not an unreasonable distance. I remember back in the day a very active sponsor on the BMW forum was a dealer from Atlanta and a lot of his deals were from FL residents.

C. Chances of needing to use lemon law are exceedingly small, nonetheless the protections of the state where the transaction occurred still apply.

just curious, do you know of an example where a person filed a lemon law case in a different state and won it?

And i def don’t think chances of needing lemon law protection are exceedingly small, all the tech in today’s cars fail all the time and your car can spend a lot of time in service. FL is 3 attempts to fix or 30 days in service and you can file. Other states are more difficult to qualify.

I want to be clear, i wouldn’t make “lemon law” the determining factor whether or not to get a deal out of state if the deal was that much better than what I could get locally but I wanted to bring it up because people don’t realize that you lose FL lemon law protection if you get a car from out of state.

I am on the other coast of FL, and it appears the south Florida dealer advertise a good deal but in reality it isn’t so. Plus FL dealer fees are very high. Out of state, could be a good option, or least let the local dealer know you are willing to travel. I bought a Tahoe with premier trip last year. No one local would deal. I did fine one about 5 hours away that would have been a good deal. The dealer closest to my house called me, I explained the situation and the price difference. “What! You are going to drive 5 hours for a car?!!” Me: “It is a $5000 difference. 10 hours driving. That is $500 an hour, so yes I will do the drive”. In the end they were a few hundred more than the deal 5 hours away, we went there.

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As for the lemon law thing… I don’t think it is a big deal in this case. He is not looking at cheap cars. And he is leasing, no marrying and buying a house with it. I had a bum BMW that I got “used” with 400 miles so no lemon law. Dealer always gave me a loaner. When they needed to replace the heads, I ended up with a well optioned 335 for 12 days that needed new tires when it came back.

Thankfully not personally but I remember some forum threads, e.g. an RR was bought or leased by an NY resident in NJ (or vice versa) and he said his lawyer had said he was eligible to file in both jurisdictions. They chose one based on technical reasons.

GA’s official consumer rights page has an FAQ, and consumers who are eligible are apparently not restricted to GA residents:

Which consumers are covered by the Lemon Law?
You are covered by this law if:

    You purchase or lease a new motor vehicle for personal, family or household use; or
    You purchase or lease ten or fewer new motor vehicles a year for business purposes other than limousine rental services.

A lot depends on what brand you are looking for. I have had no luck with Benz and BMW down here. Main reason is because all Benz are owned by Autonation and all BMW are owned by Braman. Anything else, is still doable after shopping multiple dealers.

I am open to driving the car back only if its from north florida, Georgia maybe Alabama. I cant afford to spend more time than that and eat the miles.

Ill try to find a decent deal from non- south florida dealers and use that offer to negotiate with someone down here.

Any one have a recommended Georgia or north florida dealer for BMW and Mercedes?

Also since I need 15k miles/year is better to get a 24m lease instead of 36m because of maintenance and RV costs?

IMO, some of the Miami dealers have gotten better, in some cases there is no need to go up state.

That being said, the large players like Braman and the Collection haven’t gotten any better.

Braman = awful awful awful awful awful awful

Collection = not really a big player, mostly exotics like Mclaren but they have Audi and Jag too. They cater to people who don’t care about money and there are a lot in Miami so no point in even trying.

EXACTLY what they told me, the deal in NC was $12k better than in Miami, 800 miles, took me 12 hours total, for $1000/hr savings. They quoted me $5000 at signing and $499/month as a steal on the $45k Giulia in Miami. They are horrible in Miami, absolutely horrible, and the reason is that there are so many clueless buyers here who just sign and have no clue about the real deals. Obviously some people don’t care or have too much money not to care in Miami.

it’s not that they have no clue, it’s that they don’t care, there’s big money in Miami.

Yes and No.

There is more money in NY and its a better place to buy a car. I think in Miami, people want to drive the nicest cars and will do anything to get it.

Not to dog Miami, but most of my SFL customers get cars way beyond their means compared to customers in the NY/NJ area, obviously a generalization, but what I’ve seen through what I do. Also there isn’t too much competition. Not like you can go to another state to buy a car very easily.

BTW I’m talking about Miami not Palm Beach, there is BIG money in Palm Beach

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People in Miami want to look cool and are willing to pay for it thats why as long as you can make payments they’ll take it and not really shop too hard. If a sales person knows how to play someone’s ego in Miami he’ll be successful. People in New York have generational wealth and don’t need to show off. Palm Beach is more like NY.

BTW…dog Miami all you want, it’s a sh@t show down here and deserves it.

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Ita funny that you mentioned Collection. The dealer I got the S cabriolet from in Ohio, git the car delivered to his brother here whose also a dealer. When I met the guy to swap cars last month, he turned out to be the owner of “The collection”. No kidding but very chill guy whose originally from Boston. The whole family is in the business and spread through out the country. He asked me about the deal and told me straight up , “yeah theres no way you could get these numbers here”. Turns out he isnt a fan of autonation himself lol

Dog all you want bud, we hate it down here cause of the same issue. The dealers have been spoilt because of these customers and specially now woth more rich builders moving in from central america, its like they pay money based on their prices back home which includes insane amiunt of DUTY and TAXES. To them, they convert in their currency and see it as cheaper than what that car would cost them there