How busy are car dealers?

I always find it interesting how many dealers are terrible with follow up. Slow replies to emails, not replying at all or not countering.
Are they that busy with business that they don’t want to work on a sale.
Usually there is like 1-2 dealers that are great all follow -up and they get the deal.
Just curious

They think you aren’t serious, won’t buy from them or are dreaming with your proposed deal. It’s all about how you communicate the deal.


I realize that. I tell them my timeline. And I can understand that sometimes when I am fishing to see what deal I can get it may seem my number is low. But I think it is in their best interest to counter. Keep the conversation going. The ones that close have always kept the conversation going. Plus when you come to the dealership there is usually a group just standing shooting the breeze.

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Some also simply don’t want to deal with email, and would rather try to get you in to the store in hopes you’ll make an impulse purchase.

if it’s a lease… most have no idea how to quote a lease properly or answer difficult questions and going to a manager will just tell you to come in.

plus. we have severe ADHD and Type A squirrel personalities that can’t focus to save our life once a customer comes in.


There’s that which is annoying.

But once they have your email in the database they start sending the robo-emails that ask you questions but that (apparently) nobody reads your responses to.

It’s all about irritating potential customers.


You’d think in this day and age you could sell to 5 people via text and email at the same time as dealing with one customer face to face and get a couple of more bucks out of him that way.


I guess it depends. Personally I’m always slammed at work but Its still important for me to reply within a couple minutes. Those that follow up good make the sale. Thats why I sell 50+ a month and some guys here sell 12.


I personally love emailing and texting to do follow up its quick and easy to make a sale. The only issue is sometimes some manager are old school and like to force the sales person to bring in the customer. They feel like if you are giving too much information out but it varies from dealer to dealer or maybe the salesperson you dealt with doesn’t do follow up lol.

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However, 75% of the time, one of these happens


i can second that notion. i’ll spend a week giving everyone info, they’ll send my quote to one dealer that’ll be it by $5 and tell me they bought a car. it’s okay. Karma catches up.



Closing 25% seems pretty good given the competitive nature, no?

But isn’t the same is true when dealing in person? I can test drive the car, negotiate with your for another hour, then get up and go shop around. Both of us would be losing a ton more time.


It’s a numbers game. The odds are far better if you’ve spent an hour there testing and talking numbers that they can get you to sign. Most people don’t want to deal with the games, the negotiations etc so they will settle.

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How hard it is to politely respond that you have already driven the same model car and there is no need to do it again? And leave the ball in their court?


I tell them I don’t come in until the numbers are done yet with in every email they insist that I should come in.

That’s my point - why not to say you drove that car in the first email to avoid back and forth?

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It isn’t about driving the car. They want you in person to close and ask when you will come down every time.

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