How are the Grand Cherokee L's leasing right now?

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contact @AutoNinjas - I just recently ordered an Altitude through them and waiting for it to be built.

I don’t really want to pay $1K to have it shipped. It’s basically 2% worse sadly. Otherwise I would be over it.

We offer sold order protection on orders of 2023 Grand Cherokee L Overland and higher trims which means your lease payment is locked in!

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I’ve yet to find a dealer in metro nyc doing anything close to 8.5% (let’s call it shipping adjusted), with buy rate and non marked up acq fee. To each their own

@justblaze24 we have some limited on the ground - won’t be quite the same discount but will be well below MSRP. Shoot me a pm if interested.

Totally agree. Your price is beyond the best. I have been looking. The shipping just hurts me a little I gotta factor in $1250 extra out of pocket is all. I am fingers crossed you find a dealer with a smaller delivery charge. Maybe I’m doing the math wrong but $1250 is effectively over 2 percent on the discount side so it drops from 9.5 to like 7.5. Still the best price though don’t get me wrong. For now.

we’re at 10% off at the moment, and yes, people ordering more expensive trims would certainly benefit more - a $75k build means that shipping has a smaller impact on total cost.


DM’ed. Interested in this deal.

I live in Chicago and ordered a vehicle through a broker (dealer was in DC). $57 flight, $140 in gas, and 12 hours later the car was in my driveway. Might be an option to consider if you want to have your cake and eat it too.


palluride, I like that

Oh I guess at the time when I ordered it it was a flash sale so didn’t have to pay the $1k