How are the Grand Cherokee L's leasing right now?

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With a baby on the way eventually, realized it would probably be necessary to acquire that third row…checking out dealer websites, I don’t see many lease programs for the L’s but typically you guys know better than i do where to look. Are they worth leasing right now? Or should i possibly hold off for a bit?

Side note: I have a 2021 GC Limited with probably 3-4k of equity right now…under the assumption I am on limited time of used car values staying sky high (but could be wrong).

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They’re probably one of the cheaper 3 row suv leases, but the numbers aren’t amazing. Somewhere in the $600/mo range for a laredo/altitude is possible through some of the aggressive brokers.

Looking like everything I am seeing on here says I would need to order it

There are some lower trims including Limited available on the lot for upwards of 8% off. Overland, Summit and Summit Reserves are harder to come by and expect to pay close to sticker. The tristate area can be tough so may take a good amount of legwork to track down a deal but definitely possible. May need to look in PA and surrounding states.

Because GCLs on the lot usually have ADM, ordering it from a broker usually means you get it at a good price.

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Would be more than happy with an Altitude or Limited. Any idea who to contact for that?

Do you really need the third row?


Especially a not very useful one

Not useful in what scenario? For grown adults?

It’s great for kids and better than other cars I’ve tried Including X7, Explorer, XC90, and the Highlander. Nice that the 2nd row captain seats easily pivot forward allowing you to get someone in the back with a car seat installed in the 2nd row. My only minor complaint is the lack of car seat anchors in the third row which is odd. Also the Summit and Summit Reserve have a middle console in the 2nd row which somewhat defeats the purpose of captain seats.

Remaining trunk space with 3rd row up is decent vs comparable cars.

Yes, especially compared to some of the competition like the pallurides that actually have a useful 3rd row.

Highlander especially suffers the same problem. About the only more useless 3rd row is the cx9… well and maybe a model y.

Telluride has almost identical interior space for the 3rd row as the L… am I missing something?

Just some datapoint for this thread - ordered a Summit L mid June, was delivered to dealer today. About 9.5% below MSRP.


Sit in one instead of looking at numbers

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I agree with this. There are some on the lots that maybe worth working the dealers for a discount on a 22 . Find a dealer with a few on the lot and 23s on the way. Tell them via email you have a dealer you can order with 9% off. What can they do on an instock. And watch out for mf markup and other fees.

The dealer nearest me has over 20 GCL between instock and inbounds and they’re a midsized dealer

If you don’t want to do the legwork, ask the brokers here as they may be able to do something closer to 4-6% off for an in stock unit.

Browse the Jeep site as you may be able to get a $1K bonus cash offer too.

The TCO of a financed Highlander or Telluride is going to be ~50% the TCO of a GCL lease.

So I have no idea why you’d lease one of these.

But it’s probably even cheaper to stay in the vehicle you already have, rather than assume you need a third row.

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How so? A buddy just signed a great deal on a $52K Limited L 36/10 for $610/month with just first month down in NY no less. 8% off plus lease cash and private $1k bonus cash. $22K for 3 year ownership is decent for today. Telluride will have 3-4% APR plus additional taxes so even if it holds 70% of its value after 3 years, TCO will be about the same for a higher end model assuming you can get it at sticker.

I agree the L at sticker doesn’t make financial sense and the 3rd row is overkill with no children.


dealership or broker? Every broker i’ve spoken too says orders only. I mean hell if i can get a deal similar to that and cash out on my 21 JGC equity i’d heavily consider…i’m paying over $500 for my 21 lease now

Do you know what dealership did your friend use?
My lease will expire in a month.

If anyone knows a dealer in Tri state that will do this car Altitude but the 2 row one at 9.5 percent off, please message me.