How about this bmw i3 deal?

Sale person says this is today only deal.

beats the 1% rule and no drive-offs? I’d take it

How is the MF that low?

That is that they offered, which is equivalent to 3.34% APR. I think it is reasonable, but I am a first time lessee.

I don’t see how that’s possible when the buyrate is .00152.

Actually, you are correct. They offer me exactly same rate. 0.00152. It turns out 339. Still good deal?

All else considered, its a good deal. It’s just hard for me to not remember what these were going for in the past.

Deshou - where are you located? SDG&E in SD County is offering a $10,000 credit for all 2017 i3’s in stock. That’s insane, on top of the $7500 built-in credit.

I am in New Jersey, envy of buyer in CA.

If you didn’t buy yet, I have an OL code good for the northeast I’m happy to give you. PM me.
As far as your deal, 15% off is great (does that include corp or USAA?).
I see only $7500 off. You should have at least:
7500 iDrive credit
2000 Holiday credit

There are other incentives.
If you own a BMW, there’s another $1000.
If you are a recent graduate, $1000.

If you work for a company on the list, $500 Corp.
If you have USAA insurance, $500 off the best price you negotiate
If you are a BMWCCA member of at least 12 months, $500 back on a REX or $1000 back on a BEV.

Can anyone please share the email addresses of the dealer they work within SOCAL. I am in the market for a BMW i3 Rex. Bay Area dealers are workable too.


@BMW_Dave - All the way!

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Agree with all of this…

Also, not sure about NJ, but there is usually tax on rebates that you may need to consider as well.

15% off before rebates is awesome.

No sales tax in New Jersey for electric vehicles