Houston, TX The Universe's Lowest Chevrolet Lease Payments - Transparency - Streamlined - $400/mo Silverados Here

Great Residual on Ally Deals- need to be Texas Resident for Ally Leases at our Dealership.


I had a great experience working with Randy. Quick and easy.


Spotted one of your clients today :slight_smile:
Hard to see but has your license plate holder and stickers.

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What part of the world is that!? Not “my” client- but Max Haik def has a regional presence here. :white_check_mark:

Miami FL :palm_tree: :beach_umbrella:

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Instock Bolt EUV

Qualifies for the IRA-

What kind of disruptive pricing are we talking about on a Bolt EUV??



Disrupting the perceptions of people who dislike the back and forth and other generally held beliefs of us sweaty-try-hard, schemers that call ourselves ‘car guys’

How about MSRP no adds, and I’ll take cash deals without making a big deal about it!?

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These are ready to be contracted on.

Get yours today…

What is the pricing on LT silverados. Do you have any with the 5.3?

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Do you lease to people in PA?

Yes - We do. You’ll have to cover transport, no trade-in, and insure the vehicle immediately after signing.

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It’s Time!