Houston, TX area - Mac Haik Leasing w/Randy Haddox - Chevy - Ford - Retail - Commercial

Hello All! Randy Haddox here in Houston, TX at Mac Haik Leasing (11711 Katy Fwy, 77079). Been a contributor off and on since 2016 under different accounts as I kept forgetting passwords or losing access to emails…

Anyway, I am BACK in the car biz- and I’ll be able to facilitate a 30-minute buying process, handle Negotiate Lease Pull Ahead and Return costs, Purchases, virtual appraisals, Commercial Fleet Management and Leasing (TRAC, Open-ended), Tax Credits, Business Owner Strategies, Retail and Commercial Inventory Orders- basically anything car related, I’m here for you. Try us!

rhaddox@machaikchevy.com and let us know about YOUR process and needs- and we’ll facilitate the deal.


  1. Pick from our Inventory

  2. Trade-in or Selling your Vehicle?

  3. What Lease or Purchase Terms and Structure best fit- if guidance on tax strategies or most cost-effective payments, send dm. (Small Primer)

  4. Personal or Business Credit?

Please note, no out-of-state retail leases! We can facilitate an out-of-state purchase, but there are stipulations.

Ordered Inventory - Will require a Copy of your Driver’s License, a signed Agreement, and at this time no deposit.
Order Form Contract.pdf (212.1 KB)

1/16/2023 - 2/1/2023
10 left

Great question from DM’s RE: Ordered/Reserved Units

"What’s the discount on vehicles?+

Chevy 3500? $3000 off MSRP
Camaro lt1? $0 off MSRP at the moment
And a Tahoe? $1000 off MSRP

Thank you

Note These discounts are not inclusive of Rebates applicable at month of delivery.

2023 Tahoe’s Available for Reservation: March/Early April ETA-

tahoe.orders.available.pdf (34.9 KB)

Hi Randy,

I am looking to lease a Silverado 1500, 4x4 is a must. What do you have to offer?

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Luka, welcome to the community! Here is a 2023 Custom 4x4 Crew. There are additional discounts for Current Lessee’s, First Responders, Educators, and certain Supplier Employer programs.

(Note: Graphic text incorrect- Taxes Are Included)

Honestly seems like weak discounts for the folks of this forum. Easy to underestimate the level of cheap most of us are here. I certainly appreciate you sharing though, and hopefully you get some solid leads out of it. I’m personally waiting for steep discounts on ZR2 Silverados, so I will definitely keep an eye on this thread.

All anyone could ask for. Our prices are all listed at www.machaikchevy.com. If you shop the nation, we’re likely the biggest discounts on Silverados. Finished number 1 in the nation for Silverado volume sales.

Always open to feedback, and at the end of the day, here to facilitate other people’s purchase process and information gathering. If it ends up in deals- that’s great as well.

We have 30 of these in stock- with 120 on the way…

(Note: Graphic text incorrect- Taxes Are Included)

A1/A+ Tiers qualify- up to an additional $2000 in CCR depending on your employer and if you are a current lessee.

Happy Shopping-



Complete Silverado Inventory: Mac Haik LD Silverado Inventory(1).xlsx - Google Sheets

Includes Target Week of Production, Model Codes, MSRP and VIN if applicable, Color Code, Age of Inventory… pretty much everything you can think of.

Basic Guidelines for Silverado lease payments on a 36mo/10k structure with A1/A+ tier first payment down only looks like-

Code- Trim- Payment as % of MSRP
CX1- Custom- 1.085%
LT1/SP1- LT/RST- 1.11584%
HC- High Country- 1.1148%

Going to get my assistant to fill out the spreadsheet with proposed payments without additional savings and well-qualified buyers.

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Looks like you were right…was off by a small $100/mo

(Note: Graphic text incorrect- Taxes Are Included)

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So just have to add tax tags fees on top? Can you do one out the door for Texas!

Do you know how the tax credits work? Do they just basically eliminate a large portion of the sales tax?
And is this a dealership/lessor incentive program specific to these deals or is this some sort of pass through based on current Texas state law?

Tax included on payments- you want a quote for a cash deal?

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Tax credits are given by the lessor- we are floor planned with GM Financial. In return we pay a 1.25% LnM fee on the Sale price that is passed on to the client.

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Reminder- if you want to get anywhere remotely in the ball park of the deals I can offer- you should reach out directly to Randy Haddox - 281.691.7178.

Have a great day!


2WD Custom 2023 Silverados Being blown out this week. Turn Rate has to stay under 12 Days for our composite Silverado Inventory. Need yall’s help!

First Payment due at signing- assumes you are a current lessee.

Really happy you guys are showing up to Lease from us- But please ask for me and say hi! :rofl:

Last Day Blow-Out on these Custom Silverados-
-Taxes Included
-A/A+ Tier Approval
-With GM Card Sign up (500$ rebate)
-$1000 Due at signing (includes first payment)
-Sign and Drive

Gets lower for current Lessee’s

Never purchased from them, but sold my Tesla to Mac Haik Chevy (through Driveo) in August 2022 and their offer was the highest and no surprises when I showed up. Quick process minus they couldn’t cut a check until the next day because it was after business hours. They did pay for an uber home, which was a nice touch.

Almost sold my Lexus to them last month for a good price, but a private party snatched it last minute for a slight premium.