HOT JUNE VOLVO S60/XC40/XC60/XC90 Deals! Updated ! 6/3/20

These are some aggressive deals!

Need a BIG Februarymonth with Volvo’s, Everything is with PLUS Tax. NO MSD! But you can add!


We Deliver Our Cars To The Customer FREE OF CHARGE!

Lets get these out!

  1. Sub-Trim you’re interested in/ also color
  2. Zip Code
  3. Miles
  4. What Leases You Have in The Household?
  5. How Much Do At Signing



The numbers are provided ABOVE lets get these vehicles out of here!

Hello there. Looking for a S60 T5 or T6 with the R-Line Package with the 19" wheels and Advanced package. My color choices are the Bursting Blue or the Birch Light, interior color does not matter. I reside in So. California. Any deals for me? :slight_smile:

Sadly can’t do anything with CA Residents but I do wish you the best.

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Thank you. If you happen to know of anyone who does deal with California, can you please let me know. Thanks

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What is the color or the 2019XC 60?, if still available. Also I have Volvo Loyalty


Down payment is structured just (1st payment/DMV/Bank) if you would like to pay for taxes up front just let me know!

Down payment is less now compared to last month because I’m getting doc fee waived!

XC60 T5M and XC90 T5M are really aggressive this month!

Lets have a great month this month people!


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How much would 12k miles be?

There the worst they’ve been for a few months aren’t they?!

Not a big difference compared to last month. October was the best month so far, on selective trims.

Your residual is off for T5 Mom XC60.

Typo Thanks for the eyes :wink:

for the xc60…can you do 24 months 7.5k miles? how much would that be?

zip 10017

Yes we can do swaps!!

Can you do 24 months and 10k or 12k miles? NJ resident.

The number wouldn’t be pretty but yes I can get you a quote for that.

Please send me pricing on XC90 for NY please.

Rebates are changing on the 20th.

Get these deals before its too late.

Looking to lease a s60 2019 T6 mom for 36/12k.

Hi- the best XC90 AWD with sun/moonroof for under $400 a month, in NY metro area, 10k/yr, +/- 36m, VPP BAML of America, no loyalty is…?