HOT! 2019 430 GC Lease Deal

I have a deal locked in for a '19 430 GC loaner with 4,500 miles on it for 17.5% OFF before incentives. However MF if marked up to .00165.
Zero Drive-off, 15k miles $447/incl tax (10.25%)

But I’m not taking it as the sister is hung up on the color (unfortunately :(. This is a silver car.

To good of a deal to lose, want to help out a fellow LH and pass it on.
PM me right away if you’re interested, as this will probably be gone by this afternoon.


interested in the deal, been looking for a gc over 16% disc.

18-20 % is pretty easy to get on these in Cal

there are deals already advertised in this range even without negotiating so 17.5 % is not that great IMHO

Really? It has been extremely difficult for me to find any good discounts pre-rebates/incentives.

Car is gone!!

@centaur1717 Please point me to some. Looking for white.
Show me one that’s even 13-15% off range.

@centaur1717, those advertised deals already have the incentives baked in.

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no they dont have incentives already baked in … these guys have a white

i was able to get a 440 M sport for almost 22 percent off before incentives two weeks ago. and I paid base MF not the marked up they are quoting u

and here is my deal

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All these bmw deals are amazing but rely on having loyalty (lately).

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not mine so not all, but the discount was unreal. However I’ll agree with you on that one, loyalty saves $80 or so a month.

Best thing you can do is focus on what you can control the dealer discount and the money factor, you can’t control tax and incentives so it’s best to not even worry about it.

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What are the BMW incentives besides the loyalty? I understand there is conquest. What else would apply ?

For the BMW 430i, I think there is a $4000-4500 lease credit that expires in early September

$5k credit for the 440

OL code for 500 if a new car

What dealership did you do your deal in?