Honesty Car Broker - Serving California - Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area

Hello Fellow Hackrs,

We are a licensed broker company based in California, mainly serving Los Angelos and the San Francisco Bay Area. We have been in the business for 2 years, and are here to provide our clients with a straight-forward, hassle-free, consultative vehicle purchasing and leasing experience, and most importantly at the best pricing!

Our main focus are Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Toyota, Lexus, Porsche, Honda and Land Rover. But don’t hesitate to contact us with any other inquires.

We look forward to working with you all and providing the best service!


SoCal: Wei :iphone: 650-575-7554, WeChat: xiaozhou1220
NorCal: Leon :iphone: 650-380-8599, WeChat: yd6503808599

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I wanted to share my recent experience with Honesty Car who helped us find the perfect lease on a 2020 MB GLC 300 4Matic for my parents in the Sacramento area.

Wei kept working the deal with his associates and dealer in the area until he got us the car at the terms and price that we wanted. He responded quickly to my initial email and communication was fast once we started texting. I could tell he would not let up until we had a deal in the books and I’m sure that’s how he is able to work out great deals for clients. We filled out a credit app, confirmed terms, and after a few rounds of different options, decided on one. After sending license and insurance, all we had to do was show up to the dealer where we were met by his associate and finished the paperwork which was all ready to go.

One of the smoothest and fastest car buying experience we’ve ever had. Based on that, I highly recommend Wei and his team at Honesty Car. Thanks!!

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I recently lease a 2020 Audi A4 Premium Plus with the help of Honesty Car.

I have been finding the car for a long time since there aren’t many cars that fit my choice (package, exterior color, interior color and so on), and some brokers or dealers don’t respond to me actively since they don’t wanna bother to find this car. However, Leon is super patient with me, providing as much information as he can, and guiding me to lower my payment at his best effort.

As you may know, Audi recently has cooperated with Costco to provide discounts. As a person who doesn’t have Costco membership, I am still able to get a low price to lease this car under the help of Leon. He also drives me to the dealership to sign the contract and takes care of many things for me!

That being said, I will highly recommend Honesty Car to serve as your broker, since they are super professional and kind :slight_smile: Try with them!

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Just texted back and forth with Wei for a bit. His response was quick and to the point, he also answered other questions that i had. Ended up not getting the ok from the wife for the deal lol, but i’ll definitely keep Honestycar in mind.

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Wanted to leave a review here for Wei. He got us a fantastic deal on a 2020 Lexus ES300h. The communication was very easy and straightforward. We agreed on a car, met Wei at the dealership, and wrapped up the deal in under 15 minutes. Would absolutely work with him again.

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I would like to share my experience with Honesty Car. We inquired about a BMW 228xi loaner last week, Leon was very responsive and provided a great deal. The next morning Leon met us at the dealership, we finished the paperwork with the dealership and picked up the car. The whole process was easy and smooth. I will highly recommend Honesty Car to family and friends. Thanks!


Leon with honesty car sales is very responsive, kind. Picked our family from rental car location and drove us to dealership. Got us the best deal on bmw x 3. Highly recommend their services to get best deals.

I just got home from leasing a 2021 BMW X3. Wei was extremely responsive, helpful, and quick to find me a great deal. I have never used a car broker before and I would highly recommend this service and Wei’s expertise.

I had such a pleasant experience working with Leon and Wei. I was asking for a specific color of 530e. Turned out that the color was super rare and they don’t have much in stock. Leon was so patient and helped me with finding an alternate color/model. He also spent a lot of time explaining how the lease works. Eventually I got a 530i instead, but it has the color that I liked, plus the great looking sports package & dark grill, which gives it a much cooler looking! The pickup process with Wei was also nice and easy. They are both friendly and responsible!

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I just wanted to say thank you to Leon and for the excellent car leasing experience. I recently got into another Lexus 450H for my wife, and Leon delivered a great deal with the options and colors we wanted.

If you are looking for a Lexus in Norcal, reach out to Leon, and I’m sure he will help you find an outstanding lease even in this Market.

I’ll be reaching out again in the future.


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Based in the bay, reached out twice and didn’t manage to get a single response ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Thanks Wei to support our first leasing experience in SoCal. we recently lease BMW X3 and everything is go very smoothly. Needless to say, Wei provided the best number across all dealers and brokers in this crazy market.


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Wei at Honesty Car helped me and my wife get into a new BMW X5 and got us the best price (even in this crazy car market). We were really blown away by how easy the car leasing process was with Wei. He was very clear in his communication and a true professional. I highly recommend Wei at Honesty Car; do yourself a favor and let him take the stress away from the car buying experience.


Just wanted to say a word of thanks to @HonestyCar . Leon was super easy to work with. Although I didn’t get a car from them (not his fault, dealer lowballed a trade in) I would exclusively use him in any other situation. He is happy to meet at the dealership.

I was in the area and stopped by the dealership unplanned, mentioned his name to the sales manager and they were happy to take care of me. The sales consultant was not great (my guess was because they may not make the same commission), but got the info I needed.

I pick up a car (actually 2) at a different dealer tomorrow, but next time when I don’t have a complicated situation where I must sell/trade, I will just hit up Leon.

Special and many thanks to @HonestyCar!
I worked with Leon who is a broker working in Nor-Cal.
His replies were always prompt. There no questions that he could not answer. He has done try his best to score me the best deal possible, including all possible rebates/incentives.
Even on the day of pick up, he did not bother to answer every single question that I had with his great patience.
Highly recommend to anyone who is planning to obtain a great deal in Nor-Cal. I am glad that I made my adventure flying from Seattle to SF to pick up my new ride.
Thank you so much, Leon!

Leon is A+ - Super impressed by his professionalism and knowledge of the process. We traded in our lease early for a new lease and the entire process was 100% as described. I fully recommend HonestyCar to anyone interested in the best deal on a great car. Great work @HonestyCar