Honest dealer/salesman Pinebelt Chevy

I do not post much but want to thank this site for my latest lease, 2017 Chevy Equinox LT AWD Midnight Edition $33520 MSRP. I picked this up March 18th last month at an original price of x per month 24/10k, A few days later I asked to change the lease to 24/12k they added $14.00 per month. I drove from CT to NJ 120 miles to pick this up. It has been a month and I do not have my license plates to date. Reason I was told GM is correcting the deal. I currently am paying tax on all the rebates, I was told today that in CT that should not be the case so they are sending me a new contract for $22 less per month. I want to thank Todd and Pinebelt for his honesty in rebating me back something I did not even ask for. Thank you Leasehackr community for the wealth of information you provide.


Nice to hear good dealer stories. You are right, most of the time people like to complain, maybe for good reason, but many don’t bother to take the time to post something positive.

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I say we start monetizing- lightly of course.

sincere expression of gratitude is always nice:+1:

If you don’t mind me asking, what is your payment like; thinking of getting an equinox

Wish I wanted a Chevy, I pass that dealership every day.
I actually leased a couple from them about 10 years ago, and they did take back a SUV I hated and rolled it into something else without gouging me.

On second thought, maybe I should add the Equinox to the SUVs im considering…

Keep in mind my deal was in March and I qualified for 8200 in rebates so on 24/12k I pay 136 a month. At signing just 136 firsts months payment. MSRP 33,520. this deal no longer exists. Todd my salesman honored everything he said he would. I even got a free $50 amazon gift card.

no one-pay offered there but they seem to want to try and make the monthly similar to the one-pay

This is the entire purpose this forum exists :slight_smile: … at some point, we may start asking for your monthly income to see if can afford the car you are looking at – lol

Chevy Todd is the best at Pine Belt, i told him he should start posting on this forum, he is honest nd works hard to get you in the car you want at your price point