Honda Pilot Touring Lease


I’m looking to lease a 2019 Honda Pilot Touring 7 passenger. I’m new to this forum and have no idea what I’m doing. By looking at other posts, I know I’m going to be missing information here but hope someone can still help.

South Florida area
36 months & 12K miles per year
MSRP: $43,515
Sale price: $40,450

$1,000 out of pocket
$440 monthly payment (including taxes)

Is this a good deal?

Thanks in advance!

First, check out the leasing 101 articles on this site. Very helpful. Especially the one how to calculate lease payments by hand. You need to understand that before signing any deal.

Then, go to to find out what incentives you qualify for, plus what the base Money Factor is (MF), and the residual on the Pilot.

Once you have that information, start reaching out to dealers asking For quotes. Don’t go in person (yet).

And remember, once you zero in on something, negotiate off the MSRP (sale price), not final monthly payment. Then you can apply your lease numbers to help understand and compare the deals.

The numbers you posted are missing a lot of information for anyone to be able to tell you what’s a good deal or not. And your sale price should be separate from whatever incentives you qualify for.

Hope this helps!

I just negotiated 2019 Honda Pilot Touring FWD with 2nd row captain chairs in Las Vegas. MSRP is 43815. Out of pocket is $1000. $410 monthly payment including 8.25% tax.

A “really good deal” is the one that recently went for $900. No matter what, you’re probably going to be better off than that guy!

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