Honda Pilot Deal Evaluation

Hi Hackrs,

Please let me know what you think on this lease deal:

2018 Honda Pilot EX-L
MSRP - $38,735
Sale Price - unsure
MF -.001
Residual - 60%
$0 down 36/12
Payment $366 plus tax

Does this sound reasonable?


Doesn’t seem too bad. Although, the money factor seems high. Did you ask for the base money factor? Also, when you say 0 down; am I to understand that you paid nothing at lease signing?

Thanks Delta,

correct sign and drive. I have yet to pull the trigger on this and still shopping this vs explorer and other 3 row SUVs.


Unfortunately, that seems to be the correct MF. I got the same number from Edmunds.

Looks like a great deal on a pilot.

Honda traditionally has very high MF. Nothing new

any other 3 row options you guys have seen with a similar payments? I’m in South Florida.


Honestly, that isn’t that high for honda

The Chevy traverse and Durango are leasing around the same price if you don’t get a lot of options. Prob won’t have leather though like the pilot.

Numbers look pretty decent.

I’m not an expert, but that looks like a really good deal for a Pilot. If you love the car, I’d say go for it. At that trim level you’ve got a lot of nice features.

That’s a smoking deal for the SUV in question.

Unless you have a preference for a Ford, or Dodge, I would jump on this.

Is that AWD or 2WD? My best offer on the EX (non-leather) 2WD is $360, so that looks pretty good.

Based on the Msrp seems like a 2wd.

Great deal. I helped someone get one of these in philly on Wednesday. They were a 41k msrp awd and 385/mo

That seems like a great deal for a pilot especially if it happens to be Awd.

Thanks everyone,

Yes this is a leather equipped FWD model. I will be going to dealership on Sunday to finalize the deal.


That’s a great deal for this vehicle. Leased the same vehicle earlier this week 36/15 $385 sign and drive. I had to work HARD to get that. This is right in line with my deal. Great job!

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Thanks everyone!

No I have to figure out how to kill off the Kia Sorento lease we have. Its due March 2019 and we are getting close to the miles limit. I’m taking it to Carmax later today. any ideas?


Hasn’t been mentioned yet in this thread, but the Infiniti QX60 with VPP and MSDs should be less than the Pilot without too much work. @mani_is_kool might have some deals in your area.