Honda pilot black edition $414/mo + tax w/1000 das

So putting this out as a reference point for pilot/elite black edition shoppers.

Shopping for mom’s is hard, anyway she turned down 18% pre incentive off an x7, declined the aviator and settled on a pilot because it was less flashy to drive to work, go figure. (Has an 05 pilot she likes to drive so dead set on the pilot)

So I did the best I could. With some good constructive criticism from a few people on here.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim:
MSRP: $51,040
Sales Price: $43,795 (14.2% off before incentives)
Monthly Payment: $414 + tax
Drive-Off Amount: $1000 (1st + doc fee)
Annual Mileage:12
MF: .00110
Residual: 59
Incentives: $1000 conquest, $750 lease cash, $500 college grad
Region: NE
Leasehackr Score:
Leasehackr Calculator Link:


She has an 05? Just FYI that new pilot is longer, so check your garage!

What? Where did she find 18%!?

@lazarus did. Lazarus is probably like me, shopping for their parents, and unlike me, he’s one savy bmw shopper, and if he said he got one for 18% pre, he found it somewhere.

Anyways great deal on the Honda, how many dealers did you have to contact :wink:


:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
Black edition looks really slick too!

What state?

Yes I noticed it when they lined up lol, crazy what 15 years will do.

I found 18 on a dealer in Texas, advertised at 14.8% and went back and forth until he stopped at 18%, my goal was 20 but it wouldn’t have mattered after driving a bunch of my dad’s cars and occasionally my brother’s she wanted something lowkey.

Your volvo deals are insane lol! I do alright with bmw, and I went to 3-4 dealers, Shopped the quote around looking for a magic unattainable number, I wanted 43k before incentives and these guys got the closest so I bit. They have 180 pilots and had 12… now 11 black editions, I would assume they just wanted to dump some stock.

I thought so too

Dealer does not want me to share who they are. This was a circa net loss… maybe they had some advertising cash or bonus to hit but the deal itself should be a loser.

Wow - what was MSRP?


Had exec + dap + luxury seating

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Was it a loaner?

Yes, 4900 miles

Still a great deal rn.

Agreed, and just skirting under the threshold to still be leasable, which may be why they were also open to going deep.

BTW. Wow!!!. Congrats to Your Mom. She recently graduated the college. :sunglasses::100:

My thoughts exactly, if he would have hit 20 I probably would have picked it up for myself to make some money on SaL. At 18 + Shipping it just wasn’t enough for me.

Yup, Finished up her MBA, she had been slowly working towards it for a while, between working at the hospital 40-50 hours a week plus balancing family life it was a grind. Crazy after 4 years college + 4 years med school + 5 years residency she wanted one more degree.


Sounds like a sweet deal!

Lol you’ve got as many comments and interest on the X7 as you do on the Pilot :+1::grin: