Honda Passport or Volvo XC60


The new Passport looks more rugged, more off-road/snow capable, and has a sweet naturally aspirated V-6. Probably cheaper than the XC60 even when you tick all the boxes.
Any thoughts on bang for the lease buck?

Interesting comparison. I feel like you would compare the Passport instead of the Pilot to the XC60, Passport is a 5 seater and more rugged looking than the Pilot.

Thanks, I meant the Passport-corrected

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Well seeing how the Volvo will lease better (especially if you find a XC60 loaner) and is nicer, you could probably get an XC60 lease for the price (if not less) than a passport lease (as Hondas dont lease well)

Id look for something like this (which happened to be in NYC too):

Given how cheap the XC60 is leasing in the northeast, it’d be hard to go otherwise. But Passports occasional lease pretty cheap too. Depends if you want size or sophistication. The Passport essentially is a 2016 redesign just shortened. The XC60 is a newer design, but only the base models lease aggressively.

If I was buying, the Passport with it’s V6 smoothness and reliability would win.

For leasing? ESPECIALLY in NY…I would without hesitation go for the XC60. Comfort, tech, sophisticated Scandi-Chic design AND much cheaper? Yes please.


The Passport feels cavernous compared to the XC60, and my wife would pick it because there’s room in the console for her purse. :slight_smile:

As for me, if the prices here were the same as the East Coast, I’d already have an XC60 in my driveway.


Also, check these broker deals for the XC60, pretty great deals, @nyclife @Bostoncarconcierge

I am currently leasing a passport for my wife, and have been shopping for an xc60 to replace my current s90 lease, so I have a decent experience with both products.

The passport has a lot more space, ground clearance, and drives more like an SUV.

The xc60 drives much more like a car, has a good bit less space, and has a nice level of luxury. The Volvo pilot assist/acc is much better than what Honda offers.

Long story short, if you want a more rugged SUV option, the passport is a great option. If you want a lifted wagon that’s more luxury oriented go with the Volvo.

We weren’t able to get a comparably equipped Volvo to lease nearly as cheap as the passport.

Out of interest, what kind of payment did you get to on the Passport? I had assumed they wouldn’t lease particularly well because, Honda…plus it’s a hot segment but I haven’t really seen many Passport threads on here to compare.

The only strong passport deals that I have seen in the NY region have been through credit unions, Honda Financial leases for them have not been very good.

I have an fwd ex-l at $340 + tax, $900 das for a 36/12 through HFS in southern California

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Go with the Volvo, much nicer vehicle overall than a Honda…

No offense, but where are you taking that Passport in and around NYC that you’re considering “ruggedness”? The Mall parking lot and the playground parking lot?

The only “rugged” terrain the Passport will likely see are the shitty roads of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.

In terms of performance and anything under the hood, volvo xc60 is the sure win for me.

Well, that’s going to depend on the trim of xc60.

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which credit unions? and would i approach the credit unions directly or a broker?

HFS? whats that?

Honda Financial Services.

Nexo was saying that the only good leases on passports are through non-captive banks. My experience has been different.