Honda Passport Lease Review

Been shopping 2020 Passports locally (Detroit).

Offered this today. Thoughts? Edmunds referenced a $500 incentive when I posted there, dealer claimed ignorance.

MSRP $42400 2020/Touring with AWD
“Selling price” 38848
MF .00092
RV 62

$451/month, zero down, including MI tax. 36/12k

I’d like to get it closer to $400. This price is “invoice”.

Any advice?


Where are you located?

Detroit area, Michigan.

There’s no reason to pay invoice, much less over invoice.hie much dealer discount is required to get you to where you want to be?

The $500 incentive goes directly to the dealer, its part of the selling price. It is not something that needs to come up during negotiations

Honestly, if they’d hit anything 10% off MSRP or over i would probably pull the trigger. Which is about 800 less than their current price.

So tell them that and make an offer.