Honda passport EX-L 2WD Deal - Good or bad?

This is located in VA

Dealer is offering following deal -

MSRP - $38,430
Selling Price - $ 36,569
Registration + Tag - 191
Tax - $ 2324.79
Processing Fees - 500
Acquisition Fees - 599

MF - .00081
Residual Value (65%) - $24980

Lease payment -

$6277 down - $289 per month
$4000 down - $ 361 per month

Good or Bad deal?

I tried to put detail in calculator - CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR

but numbers still look off what dealer is asking and what calculator is showing. Any advise how to tackle this?

Tax breakdown is
VA tax 4.25% = 1609
Taxable sale fee = 731 (looks like some fancy term for any additional cost)

Do you have a deal sheet you can share? Dealer may be padding numbers elsewhere. Can’t tell

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sorry don’t have any sheet. but considering these numbers… does this look good deal in this market?

If it’s a VA dealer, I’d bet that they have a dealer fee of $799 to $899 hidden somewhere in there as well… maybe it’s thrown in as the taxable sale fee? Effectively, you’re at $455/mo if you did just first down… At first glance (without knowing residual, mf, etc and assuming no trade), seems like a fair deal in this market imo. If you’re in NoVA, I’ve had luck with getting a solid deal from Honda of Chantilly’s internet dept… pre-covid, however.

Sales tax in VA is 4.15% and it is based on the sale price of the car plus the dealer processing fee. Some dealers pass along the gross receipts tax, but that should be about $75. You will need them to explain where they are coming up with the rest.

Location - VA
Demo 2021 Passport EX-L FWD
5069 miles

12,000 miles per year for 36 months

$3k down + $299 per month


0 down + $385 per month

Residual - around $24k

Sorry don’t know about other numbers

Good or bad deal?

We honestly do not ask for all the numbers in the calculator to be difficult…we ask for all the inputs to determine how a dealer arrived at the output. It’s the only way to know if it can be a better deal and where to focus your efforts on improving it.

Start over at Edmunds and ask for the MF / RV to determine the base mf, then we can check one thing off the list and so on.

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$3k down or $3k das?

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$3k DAS (title, tax, tags, and some down payment as well). I will work with dealer to get actual numbers.

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