Honda odyssey lease

P.s. in case I need to buy time, is prolonging my current lease really as simple as they make it sound or is there a caveat?

You can mention that you are interested in leasing so that they can factor in the right incentives. But they will try to wow you with a low payment and a large down payment up front. I just like to ask “Can you sell me the car for $xxxxxx (aim low, invoice?) before incentives”?

Just focus on negotiating the selling price and discount from MSRP because that’s what can be compared across all dealers. You can confirm their lease payment numbers are using the buy rate money factor and all incentives that you are provided from Edmunds when you’ve agreed on price.

Perfect, thanks a million!

Better yet, just make them an offer. Theres no reason to ask them how much they want you to pay.


Should be simple. Call Honda to verify in any case. Don’t forget you pay for DMV if you’re extending the lease. Depending on your state’s rules, you may have to pay the full year renewal fee and may not get any of it back when you exit the lease before the full year is up. So there’s that…

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