Honda Odyssey EXL 2019 need some expert input please

I am going to sign a lease for a 2019 Honda Odyssey EXL 36 month 12k miles/year

Sale Price $34190
MF .00121
Residual Value $22865

Monthly Lease would be $425 with $850(First month+Dealer Doc+ title+etc) drive away payment

I first went to this dealership on June 29th initially they offered me for the same Odyssey EXL
Sale $33450
MF .00121
Residual Value $22865
Monthly lease $408.95 with $650 Drive away payment, but it was only good until June 30, I had some prior engagements and I couldn’t go until this coming Saturday, and this is no longer available, so they are offering me the more expensive option.

I need the vehicle so I am most likely going to sign the lease, but should I try for better options, or this is as good as its going to get ?

Are you in California? I am hunting for the same vehicle with the same parameters 36/12k. The best I was able to get in June was $460 tax included with $0 DAS which included a $750 loyalty rebate. Where I live is 9.25% tax.

I am in Ohio, no loyalty rebate, and $0 DAS, my tax rate is 7.25% that $425 is including taxes.

I would say even with the slight increase over your original deal, you’re still doing very well. As you’ve probably seen from this forum, the Odyssey just doesn’t lease well when you consider cars that cost $15k to $20k more like the MDX and QX60 lease for about the same or less.

According to the dealers I talked to, the deals will change after July 4. Who knows if they’ll get better or worse since the Odyssey seems to be the least promoted in the Honda lineup. I guess not having to dislocate your shoulder to get a kid in and out of the car thanks to a sliding door, justifies the added expense LOL

If they could offer $33450 sale price on a different EX-L I don’t see why you can’t get the same price again. I’d walk away and find another dealership willing to go for $33450.

I just bought a Honda Odyssey EX-L and I was able to get it for $33400 including destination. It all depends on your location and how many other competing dealerships you can go to; I have around 6 Honda dealers in a 15 mile radius so I was able to shop around until I got the price down as low as it could go. I opted to purchase vs lease due the lack of incentives (there’s an unpublished $750 incentive on the Odyssey but it forced me to take 5.9% instead of the advertised 3.9% APR) and how well they retain their value in the used market.

Good luck!


What was the MSRP on the car? I am in market for a similar vehicle too

The MSRP was $38755.00

Considering the MF and residual are still the same, I don’t think pushing for your original deal is out if the question. Ask to talk to a manager and tell them you will be in to sign right away if they will give you the $33,450. If not, shop around to different dealers and tell them what it will take to get you in there to sign. Chances are you will get a dealer to bite on the $740 difference!

Solid monthly amount! I wish I could have found that price a month ago.

I paid $476 for a similar lease in AZ. I’m curious to see what Honda incentives change on July 9 but I couldn’t wait that long and I didn’t qualify for any incentives.

I took the earlier advise to heart, started shopping around, the third dealer got back to me with a much better deal than the original one.

So here is the final break

MSRP $38,755

Sale Price $33256.87

Residual $22477.90

Monthly Payment including tax and everything $399

Drive off including first month fess etc $650.

Here she is. :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s a fantastic deal on an EX-L. Great job

Happy ending to this story! Enjoy the van, I thought the magic slide seats were a gimmick but they are super useful.

Is that black? That is actually a very rare color around AZ! Looks good. Nice job!

Yes, it is black, but I am in Ohio.

Nice job! Looking for similar deal in North CA.

Thank you, This was my first adventure after becoming aware of this website, I had leased previously but I never really took advantage of all the information available until now.

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Great deal! Sent you a PM

Hi, can you please send me the quote to I am in the market for an odyssey and based out of nj. I can use yours as reference and negotiate.


I didn’t get a quote or anything from the Dealership, everything was negotiated verbally, I can send the name of the salesperson and contact info.

Thanks. Yes pls privide details. Which dealership?
If you dint mind pls share the receipt with details which i can use to negotiate