Honda Odyssey EX with extra addons

How is this deal?
It’s a 2020 Honda Odyssey EX. The payment is $376 a month with taxes included with $3,000 down. It has a bunch of dealer add ons such as roof rack, wheel lock, mud flaps, etch, paint and fabric protection, and dent and ding protection that made the window price around $39,000. Located in Georgia

What is the actual MSRP. How many thousands in add-ons are they putting?

$450/mo for an Odyssey EX is not a good deal.

The MSRP was around $39,100 and it was around $2,200 in addons.

EX has an MSRP of around $35900

Based on the sheet you are getting a dealer discount of $2500 and required to get $2200 in non-residualized aftermarkets…

Thats an awful deal, keep looking around

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Why does their crappy deal sheet say zero for add ons and not list the msrp? Red flags right there :triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post:, trying to look like they are disclosing everything yet hiding everything


I appreciate all of the input you have given and saving me from taking a bad deal. My question is with the information I have provided, what would be a good deal on an EX with $3000 down? At least a ball park figure to give me an idea what I should be looking for. Thank you all for the help.

First off, don’t put $3000 down(0 DAS or just first), that’s a big no no. Keep getting quotes or work up your own offer and shop it around. 10% off and buy rate on the MF and no BS add ons. Cast a wide net!

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That’s not how this place works. Learn the components of a lease deal and how to calculate a lease payment, search other Odyssey deals, and figure out what the payment should be on your own based on that. You have a lot of work to do, you didn’t even list your location/tax rate. Pretty obvious from the sheet you posted that you’re blindly payment shopping and the sales guy was happy to attempt to take advantage of that with a bunch of unresidualized adds.

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Update: I continued shopping around and was able to get this deal on an EX-L model. It is 43$ cheaper than I was getting for the EX that I started this thread with. Is this a good deal?

Mf: .00130 RV:59% Georgia tax rate: 7%

I’m not sure about the deal but do yourself a favor and don’t put $3000 down, ask them for the MF they are using and compare/input the numbers into the calculator

Many dealerships have add-ons. When I put quotes together I remove them and give a discount while still trying to keep $300-$500 profit. Ask them to structure it without add-ons.