Honda Odyssey ELIte


Looking for best deals on 2019 Odyssey elite. Best deal so far is 13% of MSRP with .00098 MF and 55% residual. Can I do better?

I am in WA


Take it. You’re not doing much better on Odyssey’s.


Hard pressed to do better than that discount as stated. As long as mf is base and residual checks out with edmunds forum go for it

Not much hacking to be had on the Odyssey. I’m pulling the trigger on an EXL this weekend and 13% off MSRP is about as good as you’re going to get. You may be able to get an additional $750 off as a cap cost reduction from loyalty if someone in your family or “household” has a Honda 2009 and newer. Seems some dealers will give it and others not.