Honda Lease Return Question

Hi all,

I have a quick question about returning my Honda lease. When I last took the car for maintenance they said the brake fluid, trans fluid and battery needed to be replaced for car to be at tip top shape. Would I need to fix this before returning my lease?

I spoke to Honda financial and the guy said all they care about is what the lease inspector put down (3 new tires all covered). Is this correct or do I need to go ahead and fix these things before I turn the car in?

Any help is appreciated!

I would not get it fixed. Last time Bmw said I needed something done I told them that sounds like ur problem in a few months :roll_eyes:


I have a scratch on my BMW Autovin will for sure charge me …I’m debating getting it fixed prior but I’m preparing to tell BMW it’s going to be their issue lol…

Well that’s alil different. Those are chargeable events. Ops is not. Scratch is bigger then credit card? I’d just get it fixed prior to return

It is…wondering if I should fix prior or if I go through dealer on next lease have them get it waived not sure. Last lease I had it inspected with some damage at the dealer got another car through them and no charges…not sure what to do this time around

OP I would not do anything with that if the inspector happens to mention maintenance being done you can always bring it in after the fact

Only thing I can think that can go wrong w that is you lose negotiating power. But waiting could save you some money if the dealer will waive it. Just gotta make sure they don’t add the charge somewhere else. Nothing is ever free

Of course I don’t see how I’d lose negotiating power though if I bring it up after the fact…also if I decided to go the broker route then there’s not much at that point that can be done…not sure what to do but I’ve been with BMW so long I may be able to get them to waive it…

Go for it…scratch much different then a dent or missing equipment. Worse case you fix it prior to return

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