Honda Insight 2019 Leasing math doesn't add up

Hey all!

So I’m doing some research into leasing a 2019 Honda insight 36/12k in Louisiana. I got from here the RV/MF are 56/0.0023.

I’ve been looking around and calling up some dealers and with a MSRP of 24,599, several dealers have quoted me at 424/month. Doing my own math (one dealer showed me a selling price of 23,513). The calculator here shows that I should be closer to 397 with 0 DAS.

Is there a reason my math vs. the number quoted to me are so off?

If it helps the specific breakdown of the 424 offer was: Sell price 23,513. 200 Doc fee, 595 Acquisition fee, and non-tax fee 181.50.

Thank you all!

Who from here provided the RV/MF? I haven’t seen many Honda Insight threads, especially for a MY 2019. Also, link us to the your calculation. We can’t fix what we can’t see.

Ooops here is my calculations from leasehackr.

leasehackr calculator

The numbers I got were from this post: 2018 honda civic Lease

That link doesn’t relate to your post at all, but the RV/MF look correct according to Edmunds. Your calculation also doesn’t match anything you wrote. You must be trolling.

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Not trolling just really really new at this all. This is my first lease so I’m sort of learning on the fly. I realized the numbers on that link were a bit after I was tinkering.

I’m trying to figure out what I am doing wrong though. The reason the sales price I listed was different is I thought I should add the sell price + doc fee and AF and non-tax fee to the calculator?

Why would you put the doc fee and acq fee in the sales price field instead of the doc fee and acq fee fields? :man_facepalming:

I built those two values into the sales price to try to get the same monthly payment the dealership was generating. When I pulled the into their separate fields the payments decrease (makes sense) so I was suspecting the dealer was baking those numbers into the sales cost and thats why the monthly was higher?

Are you seriously considering spending $400/month on a compact $24,000 Hybrid? WTF. You can lease two VW Jettas for that. I lease a $44k Audi for $10/month more than that.

Read around the forums. Some cars don’t lease well. This is one of them.