Honda dealership rant

I wanted to share a strange experience at Honda dealership in south fl. Everyone was polite, however, I received a very ridiculous quote - $531 with 1500 down for $30k accord. Wouldnt negotiate (i wouldnt even try -
Told that my target was 295) . They also said Hondas don’t lease well - not only I didn’t get any breakdown for the price - I couldn’t keep the printout as it was internal only. Also noticed that all cars had $99 wheel locks and charges for some other accessories. That non-transparent model has to die - not a good way to make money imho. Now, I wonder if honda just prefers selling vs leasing.


Love a good rant, but this wasn’t anything special. Email their internet department instead. Usually you get a similar shpiel in person.


Dealer is lying and dont go back there ever. They are very polite thinking you will be the next sucker to lease their car.


And I am not sure about that Car of the Year. Q50, alfa giulia and bmw are ahead. Just wanted to see what the fuss was about.

Those cars are also not in the same segment as the Accord.

Compare Accord to Camry, Mazda6, Fusion.

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Don’t slam the car just because the dealers a shitty, you’re in Florida after all. We have a couple of Honda dealers here and they all are pretty descent. Last time I was shopping for Accord, their first quote was worthy of considering.

Unfortunately this is how as customers we end up judging how good or bad a brand is if we haven’t actually owned a vehicle from that brand before. The dealership and sales people are representatives of the brand but are really just resellers, but with a bad experience it’s difficult to separate the two.

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In terms of monthly payment, yeah, they are in the same “segment” an Accord.

Well, I mean… I do not think that’s what really matters. Sure you can get an entry level luxury car for the same money if you put in the effort, but those cars might not meet your needs because you’re shopping in the wrong segment.

Great example, had a friend who needed a mid-size or larger crossover for his family with AWD. Went to Lexus looking base RX350s. The salesman convinced his wife to choose the NX300 fully loaded instead. The monthly payments were slightly higher, but a year in and he’s trying to desperately get out of it because the vehicle does not meet his family’s need. They over bought a car because it was “in their price segment.”

It’s about meeting your needs as best as possible, which is why it’s important to determine what you want and need first, before shopping by price alone.

I’m other entirely convinced those other cars satisfy all the criteria of the segment that the Accord fits into, mostly by size.

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This seems like the mainstream Japanese business model on cars for better or worse, especially Honda. They are really just aping the American traditional retail model in that regard, low margin on the “main” product you are buying with little opportunity to discount much under normal conditions, with tons of opportunity to add on high margin accessories to make the deal profitable. I don’t have a big problem with it except for the fact that most of these places already throw the crap on the car and try to force you to take it, despite the fact that bundling is illegal in most places. You can’t sell computers at Best Buy and force someone to take the laptop bag, surge protector, extended warranty, etc.

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I had same experience at a dealer in DC. They had an online quote for touring 1.5 lease at 299 a month with about 3k down. Then their first offer to me was 453 a month with 2k down. Um, your online offer is way better. They also wouldn’t give me numbers or even let me take the printout with the down payment and monthly price form.

I just told the salesperson and his manager - Look. I’m currently paying 400 for 50k car, and I just got quotes - q5 - 530, macan - 599, alta- 530, and bmw in 400-500 range. They were kind of baffled, but said I should maybe finance instead, since honda does not provide any incentives. Wouldn’t/ did not want to explain how they calculated the payment.

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Being baffled is really the only thing they can do besides telling you to finance. They know exactly how bad hondas lease, endless they are actually idiots and truly think what they are providing are good numbers lol.

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You are giving the dealer too much credit. The lease deal they offered me, when deconstructed included only 5% off MSRP. And that 5% included a 1k Honda rebate and they had flex cash to play with.

Getting a really good deal is tough but Honda dealerships seem to struggle to even provide fair leases with a fair lease being same selling price they would offer someone who finances and buy rate MF for tier one credit.