Honda dealer says no lease deals on Odyssey

I was looking at the 2018 Honda Odyssey which has been redesigned for 2018. The dealer said that there will not be any lease deals on this model because it’s been redesigned and the dealers have no room for discounts since it’s already aggressively priced given that Honda wants to push out a lot of these for the new model year.

Does that make sense? I thought these cars would have great leases given how high their resale value is.

Search the forums as the Odyssey has been discussed many times. You’ll see that no one has gotten any good lease on it. There are no incentives and MF is high.

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Tried a few brokers here in NYC, prices are out of control on this vehicle right now.

Not worth it at all. Look at sienna or Pacifica as alternative.

BTW, looking at Cody’s Excel, lease deals are not that great on the Sienna either (and I personally prefer the Odyssey). Anyway, I’ll keep trying and will report back if I’m successful…