Honda cr-v Exl boston

Here is the deal I got what do you think?

How many rounds have you gone with this dealer? How does the discount compare to other quotes from other dealers? Is there a pre-incentive discount you are targeting?

Yes first round and waiting response on edmunds for mf/rv

How do you have a negative down payment?

Read the calculator guide.

If you’re hitting these numbers or below you’re solid. Numbers look good assuming no rebates identified below. If you qualify for any of those, knock it down a little bit and call it a day.

Below is first only at signing and tax included for MA

EX-L 10K $361
EX-L 12K - $370

Conquest-$750 (Subtract $21/Month from Numbers Above)
Military: $500 (Subtract $14/Month from Numbers Above)
College Grad; $500 (Subtract $14/Month from Numbers Above)

Conquest Qualification----
Own or Lease a Subaru or Toyota in Household 2010 or Newer

So you are saying with state taxes (8.75), DMV and Bank fee and first payment upfront, he should be at $301 for an EXL without any incentives or conquest?

Who are you replying to?


Trying to get a sense of what an EXL should lease for with all taxes and fees upfront and 0 down. I am in the Northeast but not MA

No clue what these do outside of New England

Programs are different assuming you’re in NY based on the tax rate you put

I guess, I am trying to get to $300 on an EXL but who knows

I have updated the calculator for 6.25 tax rate.

I put negative down To get to 500 drive off. But still $4 short.

Mf and rv correct. Also $500 loyalty (requires current honda ownership which i don’t have only subaru) and $500 rebate (stated as rebate, military/college I guess)


In my area there is also conquest, my highlander qualifies and it is $750 but I am in another state

Mike, are you still doing Hondas?

Hey There!

Actively seeking a new dealer as there were some management shuffles at my previous dealer in August.

Should be back up and running by Sep 1!


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Was comparing CR-V versus CX-5 this weekend. Might hold off if you have something worthwhile.

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The numbers for both will stand

The CX5 is more of a drivers car for sure.

A bit more spirited if you will.

My Mazda thread is up to date and the dealer is fantastic.

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