Honda Clarity Touring Lease- NJ

Hi All,

Looking to lease Honda Clarity plugin hybrid Touring with $0 DAS. Can you recommend a dealer/sales person around north Jersey? Where I should be at with $0 DAS and NJ tax rolled in payment?

Is $0 DAS, 10K miles a year, 36 Months with $260 a month lease doable for a touring model?

Thanks for your advise

Don’t think that will be possible as you will be looking at over 12% discount. Maybe for a onepay.

What is this newfangled obsession with $0 DAS? Why would you want to increase your net cap cost and pay more interest?

I get what you are saying, but depending on the car, if the buy rate is low enough it really doesn’t matter all that much. That being said I usually use Car Finance Boss on my phone to calculate zero down, first month at signing. I suppose the “zero drive off” check box on the Leasehackr calculator is enticing, especially if you just don’t feel like putting down all the inceptions up front.

If you are willing to make the trip to NY start with getting a price quote from Paragon Honda in Woodside. I have no experience dealing with them, but they currently have 30 Touring models on the lot. There might be some motivation to move some inventory. Autosport Honda in Bridgewater has 22 in stock. Those would be my plays at least. Realistically you are looking at about 300/mo at best on a 36/12 if you don’t do a One Pay. I’m too lazy to look up the 10k RV and I don’t think it would make a big enough difference to get you down to 260. Maybe 285 off the top of my head?

I got the base yesterday for 239 with $0 DAS. 36/12k. Base is about $3k less than touring, or $83/m. this was Honda Freehold.

260 for a touring is definitely pushing it. use the calculator and see what the selling price is at 260/m.

Thanks Jay! Can you PM me the sales person name you worked with?

Thanks! I will look into it. Appreciate your help!

The difference will be more than that if the Touring has a lower RV.

I suspect this stems from all of the talk here of people fearing losing $$$ should the off chance their car get totaled. Risk is there, sure…but it’s not a guarantee either. In 10 or so cars in the last 20-25 years, it’s yet to happen to me.

I am trying, the $3K price difference is not $80 a month since residual value needs to be factored in which is 43-45% for touring. So this $3k come out to $45-55 extra a month. As per your deal it should be around $280 a month for touring with 12K miles a year and maybe $10-15 less for 10K miles which is what I am looking for.

Will keep you posted

try Huntington honda , ny long island, fro Turing they offered me a week ago $259/ m, 36/10 with $460 DAS

unfortunately that dealer do not make the deals like it anymore…:disappointed_relieved:

Thanks! Just contacted them via online inquiries… lets see how it goes

NY deal is different if you are not a resident. Its addl $1700

So let me get this straight so That im not going to implode here.
There is $10800 straight from honda
Then another 1,700 for buying the car in New York in form of a rebate.
So a total of 12,500 of incentives for new york state.
Even with getting the care Just at “invoice” I come out with 227 a month.
What am I missing here? where is my math wrong

Yup This is probably the correct math now:

Even like that trying to get the dealer to agree to 3200 would net me at 234 a month

Been there today. He got angry that I lowballed him. Don’t expect any transparency. He just moves the numbers from down payment to monthly, but no apparent discount. He keeps going to the official Honda offer.
Don’t waste your time going inside. Just deal with them via email/phone

Base or touring?

Which dealer Herrington Honda?

Which dealer do you mean?