Honda Civic Touring (California)

I am new to leasing, and after reading all the topics I still have some problems. I was hoping someone could help me out from California or anyone really. I was looking to lease a 2016 Honda Civic Touring. I’m not sure how to do the math or anything. I was looking to lease the vehicle for around $200 to $300. I will let you guys tell me what amount I should put down or what I should and shouldn’t do.

12,000 miles/ 36 months

Any help is appreciated thank you so much!


I am new to leasing as well… I am researching from past 1 month about pricing… I got quotes from several dealers… The best quote i got was for a selling price of 24190 for touring model.

I was looking for a 3yr/36000mi lease and the residual and mf are 58% and 0.00083

Putting values in lease calculator gave me 307 per month including tax and drive off $794

Try to negotiate the price and see if college rebates or millitary rebates applicable for you to take price even down… By the way i am from california too…(Socal) :slight_smile:

Monthly Payment (incl. tax): $307
Drive Off: $794
First month’s payment incl. tax: $307
Down payment: $0
Total MSD payment: $0
Registration and doc fee: $480
Tax on cap cost reduction and fees: $7

Where did you go? I’m in SoCal too. I’m trying to get the price to $225 and they are saying that it is possible to make it go that low, but I’m terrible with doing the math for it.

This quote i got from honda of corona… I also got one quote of 325 including taxes from autonation honda in costa mesa… If you say you want for 225 they will either ask you to make a big down payment or choose a cheaper trim level…

Made the mistake of visiting Honda of corona because of a pretty good written quote they gave me. They showed me the car with 900 of bogus add-ons that they would not remove. Pulled the 4 square thing and wanted to run full credit before negotiating on price. Said no and left. Pure waste of time. I did like DCH Gardena and norm reeves. Riverside metro was ok too. Best price was from Gardena via email.

Thanks for the info… I contacted dch gardena today morning and they came up with a quote greater than corona and autonation. Going by the yelp reviews corona is like bait and switch. I have to check with norm reeves and see what their quote is

how much did DCH want for the touring?
Last month I was looking a civix LX cvt with them and they were at 16,999, that is 16% off the $20,272 msrp. I know the touring is more desirable and with less inventory, but when I inquired about the EX-T they were also around 500 less than the best offer I got.

Remember, you gotta negotiate the price of the car first, never ask for a fixed monthly payment.

Yeah thats what i am trying to do… The price is 249xx for touring… Msrp is 27335

other dealers came up with 24100 and 24400 respectively… still negotiating

What price have you gotten to? Can you continue to update and tell me what you end up purchasing and at what price.

Not bad @24k
Remember that some dealers with add packages to the car and bump the price up

I am trying to sell my car before i start negotiating again… I will post here once i buy

Ok i finally got the car… For touring i negotiated to $24050+595(lease acquisition) Residual=55% and mf=0.00070 I paid 100 + 380 (dealer, title and doc fee) and rate came to 289+tax per month… I think i got a good deal on a touring for 45k/3yr lease.

Oh i forgot i got wheel locks and 1st service is free as well


Congrats. Do you mind where and who you get the car from? We may be interested to get one for about the same term too.

thanks… i got at Hardin honda in Anaheim… They gave me hard time and negotiation took long but they finally did it

At least you get the deal you like. Do you remember which sale person helped you?

On the phone its james story… In the dealership i worked with melissa she dont know much… Eric turner is the guy he is the sales manager who okayed the deal

I just ran this deal for SoCal @ 15k miles.

2016 Honda Civic Sedan Touring

Los Angeles County Payment comes to $341 w/ tax 36 month / 15,000 miles

MSRP $27,335
Invoice $25,690
Price $24690
MF .00070
residual is 55%
($312 +tax)

Due at signing

$341 first payment
$287.75 DMV
$80 Doc Fee
$7.20 tax

total: $716.09 Due at signing

At the end I did not lease Touring. I lease EX without HS from Hardin Honda too. This is a great dealer. Price negotiation was done over couple phone calls, and I was on my way to pick up the car. We also get alarm from dealer for $375, therefore, the money payment is up about $12, otherwise, it shall $220/month. The lease term is 15k/36month

Model: 2016 Civic EX Sedan
MSRP 21875
Selling Price: 19000 (13% off% MSRP)
Residual Value: 13125 (60%)

Drive off: $571.82 (Document Fee, $80+ Tax on Document Fee, $7.2+ Registration Fee, $227 + initial Title Fee, $8.75+ first month payment, $232.51- Dealer Contribution, $12.64)