Honda Civic EXL 2016 - quotes

Orlando FL
I got the following quote for a Honda XL 2016

$1,500 Down (first monthly payment, license, fees, etc - It includes EVERYTHING)
$275 / Mo (tax included).

The dealer is giving me 24 months of maintenance included.

Is this a good deal? I feel that I can make it drop to $250 but the dealer refuses to that! what would you recommend.

I was given $189 on the EXT with $1500 down. Considering the difference in MSRP is about $1500 with 50% residual, you’re looking at an additional $750 (~$20/mo)… You should be closer to $220, assuming it’s a standard lease.

I’ve been looking at an EX-T do you have the full details of your deal for comparisons sake?