Honda civic deals

anyone aware of best time to lease honda civic ? looking for a small car for wife around 100$ / month.
Honda has ongoing specials for 2017 with 129/month and 2K down for 33month/12k , msrp 20K. please advise if i have to wait until dec if the prices might drop further down so i can get it under 100$ with less or 0 down

There is about a 0% chance of getting a Civic at your price point


so should i take the 129$ deal?

I’m guessing that you should take a look at the MF and RV before making a deal and asking the fine folks here. You MAY be able to save a few bucks, but again it all depends on the terms.

a dealer in chicago are is offering civic lx for $139 a month with 0 down for 12k miles a year. and in St Louis for 129 a month with $999 down so OP numbers are not great anyways.

No…please see my other comment. I am also looking for civic deals and dealer offer 129/month with 999 down and another dealer in chicago offered 139/a month with 0 down

Those numbers probably don’t include bank fee, DMV fee, doc fee, or tax once you add those in, the price skyrockets