Honda Civic Coupe Lease Help

Hello, I’m extremely new to buying/leasing a car and need some advice. I’ve been shopping for the 2016 Civic EX-L Coupe. Does anyone know the money factor on it and price I should be aiming for? I’ve already been quoted $22,346, MSRP is $24,535.

still looking for help on this lease?

Yes, any advice would be appreciated.

k, let me look into it. off top of my head MF on civic was .004 but could be .00125 in your area. The residual a couple months ago was 55%. So 55% or MSRP

Ok, thanks. I am in Brooklyn, NY if that helps. I also received an offer for $160/month with 0 down for the LX base model. Since I’m interested in the EX-L(or EX-T if price is right), is this something I can take advantage of? Or are those lease offers specific to the model?

your lease payments calculation is as follows:

amt fin.= (selling price-incentives, rebates, money down)-residual value. Then take that number and divide by term of lease. That gives you one figure.

amt. fin + residual value. Then multiply by MF gives you 2nd figure.

add both those together gives you your base payment.

Then add to base payment your taxes. That u get by base pay. x state tax

add all 3 gives monthly payment

Note: Since I am new all I can do is edit this same post says the forum. So all reply’s will be on this post. Yes, you are correct that the lease offers are specific to that model. And they are provided or quoted by the financial arm of the manufacturer. In your case Honda

ok last reply. MF appears high at .0019 (4.5%) and Residual is 65%. As I mentioned it is pretty easy to figure out with the formula I gave. It is best to ask your dealer exact interest rate. The MF is take % and devide by 2400. Example: 4.5 % x 2400=,0019. Also ask them the Residual Percentage. That way you can use it for differerent calculations. Good luck!

so need accurate MF or interest rate for the car and your credit.

need accurate % of MSRP for Residual Value

Those are the only 2 variables needed right now

ok, let me find out as I have time in a bit. I am only an expert on this cause of the last 2 months. Picking up my new lease in a couple hours. I have “beat this dead horse to death” so know what I am talking about now. Knew not a thing before

Haha cool, thanks a lot. Where would I find those values? As for credit, I am not worried, my score is in the mid 700s, so I’m sure I’d qualify for the best rates.

searching the internet. It can be difficult to find exact Residual as dealer has the info. But dig deep enough and can find it. And same with MF. Honda Financial has that info but can dig to find. Be nice if you as a customer working a deal could just ask them. The dealer offers the info usually without hesitation if they know your serious.

You can ask your dealer directly about residual. It’s set by the financing company, so the dealer can’t change it.

2016 Civic EX-L Coupe

36/12K: 60% residual, .00073 MF

Targeted incentives: $500 Recent Grad, $500 Military Appreciation

^Thanks! Is the military incentive for children of veterans?

It appears not:

LX and LX-P trims same?

2016 Civic coupe 36/10k (northeast, i.e. ny-nj-pa)

Hey, Im looking to get the Civic LX in NY/NJ/PA area as well. Please let me know if you get a good deal, I might tag along.

Did you ever pull the trigger on this deal? If so, can you recommend a dealer? I am looking to get one as well, in the NY/NJ/PA area.

Any update on June 2016 Honda Civic programs?

LX-P coupe
LX sedan

36/12k in Northeast

The program has stayed the same as last month till July 5th.

I work with Plaza Honda in Brooklyn, if you want i could quote you on a car.

Best regards

Yes, please do. Can you please quote me a base LX, with excellent credit and PA registration.

If the price is right, ill come in and buy it tomorrow.