Honda Accord EX 2019

Guys, what is the Money Factor and Residual on EX trim of Accord 2019?

This is what I’m getting in Delaware.

MSRP: 28,540
SP: 25,322.38
Rebate: 500 (college credit)
Taxes: 1,084 (4.25% of the selling price)
Non-Tax Fees: 1,184 (dealer fee, registration, etc.)
Total: 27,694

I think he’s charging a lot for the non tax fee. He quoted me residual as 15,412 (54%) which sounds low idk.

Monthly payment, MF?

The residual seems around right for the EX but as others said, check with Edmunds:

I’d look into a Sport 2.0 cause the residual is higher and its a faster/more sporty version. Might be able to snag a better deal for the money. Search the forums and youll see some deals they got on those with no money down. Generally Hondas dont leaser well, just FYI.

What state are you in? Doc fees are high in some states, e.g. Florida, and registration costs are high in some states too.

Ask on Edmunds to get the residual and MF. Google “Honda Accord MF Edmunds”

Hes in Delaware, and I believe he put that in the non-tax fee section?

Monthly payment is $359 with $359 down payment.
I want to know what the MF is so he doesn’t charge me too much.

And Doc fee is $349 but still $1184 is a LOT. This is for a 36/15k

Well sounds like you need to get an explanation of the fees. And you need to know the MF so ask the dealer.

But like I said Hondas generally don’t lease well. But if you want your Honda then maybe see about the 2.0 Touring as residuals higher.

I just leased a 2019 EX in Maine for $285 plus taxes, 12k miles. Not a penny down besides first month’s lease payment. I feel like this is a decent deal?

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I mean sounds like it, but we really need information like, MSRP, Incentives, Sell Price, Fees, MF, Residual.

But if you already leased it, then you can see you it was less then what was quoted above so enjoy.

MSRP $27,620
Sale price: $24,080
Doc Fee: $699
Acquisition fee: $595
Sales tax: $562
Residual: $15,982
Monthly payment: $300.92 including sales tax.

Sounds like a good deal for 12k miles per year, 36 month lease? Can gladly upload photos.