Honcker sign in solved, no SSN needed (ymmv)

Thought this might be helpful for anyone else who has had problems signing into the Honcker app. (And maybe helps Honcker’s QA/Support teams fix this bug).

I tried to log into the app for the first time last month, and on repeated attempts it just kept sending me to the screen that asked for my SSN.

Gave up and tried it with the SSN, and it still failed. Emailed Honcker support, they just kept telling me I was entering something wrong, and to try again entering my info exactly as it shows up on my credit report. Repeated attempts, even with entering SSN kept failing. Gave up and deleted the app.

Curiosity got the better of me yesterday, and I decided to try again. First attempt failed, asked for SSN which I declined.

Then it hit me that maybe abbreviation was my problem. My street address is something like: 12345 Main Blvd, Apt C

This is how it shows up on my credit report with all 3 agencies. In some cases the comma is removed. But on all correspondence ever, I always use the abbreviation for Blvd, and always enter my apartment number/unit.

So I tried it without the abbreviation, just as 12345 Main Boulevard, Apartment C. And it still failed.

However one last attempt with just 12345 Main Boulevard. IT WORKED INSTANTLY. :man_facepalming:

Not sure this is going to work for everyone, but my suggestion is, spell out ROAD, STREET, LANE, etc. And leave off your 2nd address line / unit etc.

Hopefully this earns me some legit ‘hacking’ points around here :slight_smile:

Good luck!

So are you saying that NO SSN is required?

It wasnt for me. Once I entered my correct address i was able to login and see pricing, without entering SSN.

Obviously you will need to enter SSN when you actually decide to lease something.

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I typed in my old address and it worked.
It wouldn’t take my new address at all.

Are they doing a soft inquiry on your credit file ? What in the world ?

I don’t think there’s any credit pull, just tries to make the leasing process easier by already having it

None showed up on mine when I did it

You’d think one should be able to provide with the FICO info of bad (500), medium (600 to 700) to good/excellent (>700) without having to resort releasing their own specific SSN until you’re set on a deal/car.