Honcker Lease Turn in

First time poster long time lurker. I have a mini lease expiring in two months and I found a good deal on Honcker. I noticed the ability to roll an existing lease into the new one. I contacted Honcker and they said the total to enter was the remaining lease payments not the buyout amount. So I wanted to check here and ask if anyone had successfully done this via Honcker?

My assumption is (as I’ve never dealt with Honcker), they’re going to ground the car at an affiliated dealership. At that point, you will still owe the remaining payments as if you grounded it yourself. The captive will send you a bill for your remaining payments, and Honcker will cut you a check (or send it directly to the captive). The remaining payments are now rolled into your new lease, and your old lease is (or will be) taken care of (less any excessive damage that may exist or disposition fee if you’re switching brands).

With that said, you don’t HAVE to roll it into your new lease. You could just pay the final 2 payments + disposition fee + excessive damage (both if applicable) by cash when you get your bill, and save a few bucks in interest/taxes not rolling those payments in.

Have it inspected and ground it yourself. Don’t leave open the possibility of someone else messing that up for you.

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I discussed this with the dealership after clicking the Lease option in Honcker, but decided to keep my car for the last month since I’d be paying the lease fee anyway. Ultimately I just turned that car into the local dealership and paid the disposition fee. But otherwise, they said when they delivered my new car, they would just take the old one at the same time. (So note that after you get a call from the dealership shortly after clicking Lease, you can still discuss some options with them. For instance, with mine I reduced to a 0 Due at Signing and slightly bumped up the monthly.)

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Is honcker available in SF bay area now?

If you have a coupon from your original dealer or any other dealer about them pulling you out early you can use it on honcker. Just copy the code on the certificate (sometimes you get it email sometimes via us mail)

What if there’s a pull ahead program with the bank? I want a new Infiniti and there’s a 2 month pull ahead which is exactly what I have. Called the dealers, no one would come close to Honcker.