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There is a BIG point/word either obviously (or purposely) missed - alternative [to traditional leasing]. No one is going to beat the work combined with knowledge of Hackers on a lease. The use of an app made to simplify things will never compete with the aforementioned human attributes. However, although old, a deal like this, with no negotiation, is worth it to me.

If it is not useful, it will go away. But it should not be discounted altogether. It is not nearly as bad as some are suddenly making it out to be.


That barely works. I’ve read more horror stories than success stories, especially as of late. In the NY area I pretty know who all the Honcker dealers are. I spoke to a Honda honcker dealer, as the price on honcker was crazy good, maybe 6 months ago. I spoke to the SM, he said there is no way he’d honor that and is currently trying to get off of honcker as they’ve butchered so many deals


Then it will not last (and it should not if it barely works). I figured I would pass on this new option due to my dislike of apps - nothing more, nothing less. No loss of sleep over here. The good thing is, traditional salespeople and brokers have nothing to worry about if it is as terrible as mentioned.


I sense the sarcasm and subtle dig… just stating what I’ve witnessed. Some of these programs help consumers like KBB or Edmunds (especially the forums)… from what i’ve seen Honckers customers are very very mixed in terms of their experience. Some very satisfied, a couple that had a few hiccups, and some where the prices were flat out rejected, even some after a credit pull. That being said, if you are not seeing this everyday I wouldn’t expect you to know.


No, no sarcasm or subtle dig. I am not one to do such a thing. It is merely difficult to absorb tone/intonation via the written word. I find your posts extremely informative. You are third on my list of most liked contributors and commenters according to my profile statistics.


The app/website will serve a purpose for those not savvy enough to negotiate their own deal. That said, I definitely agree with @nyclife…complaints have been many as of late. Some here have noted their horror stories. If they want to stick it out for the long haul, they better fix their mistakes and quick.


I feel as if dealers not honoring their own deals on Honcker are causing this app to suffer and fail.

Damn dealers. They ruined car dealing!


That is also a fundamental flaw with the app, it relies on the dealer.


I attempted to sign up for this app about an hour ago just to see what deals it had on there and to compare them with what I’ve see elsewhere or in person. The app says it will send you a text with a verification code to complete the set up process. I have yet to receive said text message.


I’ve got a Honcker lease in process here:


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@Carleasestudent a survey on e 3rd party site doesn’t help the community here. I’d suggest you modify your post and use the local survey option or remove ur post.


Awesome @adamcar! Thank you for the link. Here is to hoping it all works out for you (though I can see it is already turning into a lengthier process than I would have imagined or Honcker claims).


Thank you for letting me know of the local survey option


I tried leasing a car on Honcker. The website said $437/month 2495 DAS. The Honcker representative said that is effectively $506/month (2495/36 + 437). So AFTER you upload your license and submit your social the dealer will get back to you on the actual price. They told me it was going to be $557. Honcker should remove these dealers that are reneging.


and you got hit with a inquiry


Ultimately why I think Honcker will fail. It also seems as if dealers that originally partnered with Honcker are trying to back out of the support.

I just haven’t heard too many benefits to it.


Anyone have a Honcker promo code? Curious and would like to give the app a try. Thanks.


Add another experience to Honcker of “don’t waste your time.”

Placed an order, submitted all my documents, and got a message that the vehicle had been reserved for me.

Waited a few days, and got a call today from Honcker that the dealer wouldn’t honor the price.

The difference? They offered a price 31% higher than what was listed in the app.

Multiple VINs of the same car and trim are still listed at a price Honcker isn’t able to get. I used the word ‘bait and switch’ which the rep kept denying, and said they listed a price that somebody was able to get at some point for that vehicle.

Essentially asked me if there was a cheaper vehicle I wanted. Not my idea of good customer service.


The very definition of bait and switch.