Homepage menu should be visible at all times at higher desktop resolutions

I get wanting to save screen real estate on lower res screens, but I think it should also always be visible at higher res.

9 times out of 10, I need to click on something in the menu and I always have to open it with one extra click.


Can you share a screenshot?

The LeaseHackr logo in the yellow banner is a link to the main homepage, and for me it’s always visible.

I did a sh*t job of explaining it. Look at the hamburger menu. It’s closed for unknown benefit. One extra click for very little gain IMO.

I also get that this is how hamburger menus usually work, but this doesn’t apply, at least for me, to LH. I go to the forums. I want that link to be always available from the homepage without a need for a secondary click.


Got it - makes sense now. Will leave it to @littleviolette to review and comment. Thanks for the clarification.

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Thank you very much :pray:

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