Home charger recommendations, suggestions?

We never install ours and keep it in the glove box and just say we bought it out of state and awaiting the piece from the dealer…has worked like a charm

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Any issues with your JuiceBox 40? I see everyone complaining about the new app etc. We’re picking up our car this weekend, and the charger is going to be installed in a couple of weeks (hardwired). I’ve been reading many horror stories about the new app, and firmware updates. I wouldn’t mind using it as a dumb charger (and not even connect it to the wifi, if that’s an option), and let the car do the rest. Would you mind sharing your experience?

I’ve had my JuiceBox for about a year and it works perfectly fine. Costco offers a great price on it online. The Tesla J177 charger is also affordable (cheaper than the Juice Box)

@coolmann regarding the JuiceBox 40:

  • I purchased it as it hit both “check marks” in the State of NJ, in terms of being on the eligibility list for the $250 EV Charger purchase rebate and up to $1,500 EV Charger installation rebate
  • Although I didn’t catch the negatives, yes no doubt there are lots of folks “screaming” about the WiFi connection and app
  • My experience is as follows:
  1. Yes, I struggled to get the JuiceBox connected to my Wi-Fi (for over a week), after attempted multiple times per day. Learn from my mistake- just call their help line (the person I spoke to was super-helpful), and the mistake wasn’t on my end- for some reason, my charger wasn’t “registering” on their database…so yes- a phone call was all it took
  2. App- what you are reading about is the transition from an “old” app to their new one…and yes, it frustrated me as well. I downloaded the “new” app, and couldn’t get it to work. And yes- tried uninstalling, etc. And yes- verified on my router that the box was connected to my router. Turns out (after calling) that I needed to download the old app, and everything has worked fine (again learn through my mistakes- if you hit a roadblock, DO NOT hesitate to call their tech support which is 24/7)

Bottom line:

  • I’ve only charged the car once, thus I’m not an expert (yet) of how the Tesla’s software works and where the JuiceBox app comes into play (from what I gather, it is a requirement of this NJ EV rebate program that you stay on an EV network to track charging usage)
  • I’ve got the WiFi connected and the app running, and simply for “peace of mind” vs. anything
  • As stated above, I went with this brand to maximize rebates…and yes- some would argue that I’m being “cheap” and should have gotten the Tesla charger instead

Should you get it? Well if rebates are important to you, then yes. Otherwise yes based on my initial experience to get connected to WiFi and a buggy app, I would have maybe gone elsewhere.

Hope this helps.

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Is anyone aware of any federal rebates for installing a Level 2 EV home charger? I’m researching state rebates for MA, but their website does not appear to show any incentives.

EDIT: I found some info for National Grid customers here. Long story short, National Grid will pay up to $700 for upgrading your wiring for the installation of a home charger in a single family home.

If I remember the IRA from 8/16 extended out a federal refund for this.

I believe it’s related to the 20% solar tax credit?

Edit: It’ a Tax refund, not a instant rebate

I have not been able to confirm that info. I reached out to a few companies about this. I am also going to reach out to my power company.

Sorry it’s a refund you claim on your taxes, not a rebate direct

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Its a tax credit.

30% of the cost, up to $1000


Oh yah, if you don’t make enough to offset it, you don’t get it. That’s why it’s a credit.

Or if you under withhold, it may only reduce tax due rather than be a refund.

Though the Odds of someone spending $1000 on a EV charger or Solar system not having at least $300 in Tax is a bit slim of a reach.

The $7500 is much easier to understand, but $300? (or Both at $7800)

This is irrelevant in the discussion of refund vs reduction in amount due though. That comes down entirely to how much of your tax liability you paid over the year.

Honest question, is that really true? I didn’t think it had anything to do with tax liability paid, but rather tax liability. For instance, if I had a total tax liability of $20k for the year and I had my employer withhold that exact amount in taxes, I would file my taxes and claim this charger credit (assume $1k) and if I bought an eligible EV I’d also claim $7500, and I would get an overpayment refund of $8500…all asssumes perfection in withholding and deductions, I get it. But hypothetically speaking if one were To meeet the income restrictions, why wouldn’t you get an overpayment check from the irs?

There are I think 18 separate tax credits on Schedule 3, and EV is only one of them.

So if you think hey I paid $8500 so I get the full EV, if you get some of the other credits it might eat up what your final total is.

The tax liability paid is just how much has been withheld.

If you had $20k in liability and had only withheld $18k, this $1000 tax credit would reduce your amount due at tax time from $2000 to $1000, but it wouldn’t automatically generate a tax refund.

If you had $20k in liability and had withheld $19.5k, this $1000 tax credit would turn your $500 due into a $500 refund.

If you had $20k in liability and had withheld $21k, this $1000 tax credit would turn your $1000 refund into a $2000 refund.

The point I was trying to get at is that it’s a tax credit, not a tax refund. It may be a refund or it may just lower your tax due.

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To anyone who does not qualify for the JCP&L rebate, feel free to PM me, as I’m looking to sell my barely used JuiceBox 32. For what it’s worth, I have been relying on Level 1 charging for ages, but finally bit the Level 2 bullet not too long ago. Through work, I recently had the opportunity to switch to a Wallbox Pulsar Plus 40A. I will have it mounted this weekend, but my first impressions are already way ahead of the JuiceBox EVSE, which cannot even compare. The sense of quality and the compact size of the Wallbox unit are simply superior, so much so that I would not even look at a JuiceBox, if not for the utility rebates.