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@Shabbaman I’ve got no problem being wrong, I was hoping that I was wrong. Just needed official confirmation!


No worries mate, it’s all good. Thing is that for someone in the market for a car right now and is on the fence about going electric, this new bill is a deal maker. Would suck for someone to walk away from an ev because they are not sure if they will get the rebate when they are fully entitled to this money the state has laid out for them.

This program (combined with shrewd lease hacking) is a great way for people to experience EV’s for a fair price and understand what all the hype is about.

I’m crossing my fingers that last year’s i3 deals roll around again soon, with an extra $3k+ rebate they’ll be almost free :upside_down_face:

LOL…fair price? This will make many of them almost free…i think it’s a bit more than fair. I will be interesting to see if dealers try to arbitrage this a bit and offer smaller msrp discounts. It did not happen in CA but our rebate is much smaller.
I was with EE…i thought there was no way the bill would go retro.

For those that got a Bolt Jan 16th. Damn.


Does it have to be leased from a NJ dealer or only registered in NJ?

They haven’t specified. I’m assuming it will be like the NY program though. NJ resident, NJ dealer

Thanks. I was thinking of using an out of state dealer in case the NJ dealers try jacking up the price because of the rebates.

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I’m thinking the same, but that’s a big risk to take if I find out I’m not eligible because of the deal location.

Nothing in the language of the bill requires the car be sold in NJ.

Refer to section 2 of the bill, an eligible car is < $55000 MSRP and registered in NJ. Acquisition can be a purchase or a lease.

It does not say anywhere it has to be purchased in-state. From reading the bill, The only benefit to in-state purchase (once the program is rolled out) is a point of sale rebate vs, post sale.

This bill is environmental in nature, not economic.

Well you were right before… And I agree with you on the wording too. I just don’t want to be the guy who gets stuck holding a $5000 dollar bag because he went out of state!

You’re a broker, right? PM next time you see a good electric car deal. I may just grab it.

Agreed. They can spin it and turn it into something different, but that would be really bad PR for the governor and the NJ legislature that made this bill happen.

Consider this. Tesla is eligible for these incentives, yet there are no Tesla dealerships. It would be grossly unfair to require me to buy a car from a NJ dealer while someone else can bypass the dealer altogether for their purchase.

I personally don’t see this as a concern, but for peace of mind I would suggest getting a car from a nj dealer until this issue is sorted out.

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You may not get the great deal anyway. As i’m sure you noticed on the deals posted here, most CA great ev deals are actually only applicable to CA residents. Discounts go away for out of state purchases…in most cases.