HN308's Lexus - 24 RX350 Pre @9% $510/mth, 24 RZ300e FWD @$358/mth, RZ450e AWD@$399/mth off - NY/NJ/CT/PA

SOLD - A one off Lexus RX500H AWD $68,640 MSRP @ 12% off. $561/mth with inceptions and MSD. Ultra White on Black interior

This is a 2024 RX 500 H F-Sport Performance Hybrid AWD model.

If you are in NY metro area and can take this car in person than contact me on below number.

Broker Fees: $999

Contact: 201-754-8047

Please don’t ask for any more trims, colors etc. This is the last RX for this month I can do at 12% that is available now. We are trading this from antoher dealer so don’t ask for more discount

NY residents can’t do MSD on Lexus even if dealer is located outside of NY


Great looking cars, I wish Lexus would bring the 4k incentive to the west

Is the Lexus RX you just listed still available?

can we do custom build?

@Nyleaser44 - We are out of all RX now but few of them are inbound and we can trade some from other dealers but the trade is only initiated after the customer credit is approved. If you know what you want and are somewhat flexible on colors and options, reach out to me.

@tien113 - This is not for you if you are particular about an exact build. The high discounts are given to move in stock units only.

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All Below lexus listing are for cars in transit or can be located from other dealers at the number advertised. If you want a car right away, this is not for you. If you can wait for a week or two we will get you the cars at the numbers advertised assuming you are a bit flexible with colors.

Anyone whose wife or husband is not flexible and will only want certain colors and options, should help their local dealer out by paying retail at the dealership. We will not be able to help you

With above disclaimer out of the way, below are the deals that we are ready to lock. Lexus incentives and programs can be locked for 30 days once your credit is approved and we will get you the car in that time frame.

Broker Fees: $799
Contact: 201-754-8047

Send top 2-3 color combo choices and we will locate a car and lock the deal.

  1. RX350 Premium @ 9% off
  1. RX350 F-Sport Handling @ 12% off MSRP
  1. RX500h AWD @ 11% off MSRP
  1. RX350 Luxury @ 12% off MSRP
  1. Lexus Electric RZ300e FWD @ 12% off MSRP
  1. Lexus Electric RZ450e AWD @ 12% off MSRP

This is a good deal whoever needs one, no broker fee in description. Good man give back to community!