HN308's Dec Infiniti - QX60 Pure $273/mth $2508 DAS / QX60 Luxe/Essen $345/mth + 2.85K DAS+800 MSD - VPP required

Might be interested in the QX60 - sent PM

Any qx50 essential deals? Looking for a 12k/39 month in NJ. PM me with details. Thanks in advance

Shout out to @HN308 for getting me an extraordinary deal for Infiniti QX50 luxe. I have been eyeing the car for 2 months and HN308 helped me get the deal making sure all my requirements are met. I highly recommend working with @HN308. Thank again. Cheers to many more sweet deal :clinking_glasses:.

Lease a QX50 luxe with heater seats

$378 DAS with 4050 in MSDs. All paperwork and formalities done over phone. Went to the dealership and drove the car home.

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@HN308 Deals on QX80?

I’m looking for a 2019 Infiniti QX30 Essential AWD base. I have an Infiniti lease coming due.
I’m looking for a sign and drive, zero down, everything rolled into the payment and I’m in NY, 10 K miles 39 months. Thanks.

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I’m intetested in the qx 50 or the qx 30 deal. I’m in New York and no VPP

Hi, @HN308 I’m interested in the QX50. I’m in NJ and no VPP. Any available?

@Steve411 @ushpatel

Please let me know the exact trim you are looking for luxe, with essential etc. and also miles you need per year.


Luxe in both models. 10,000 miles

If anyone is seriously looking for an Infiniti to be picked today than reach out to me.

The numbers up in the calculator in 1st post can be made a tad bit better but they are not going to give it away.

The inventory on 2019 QX60 is very low but we still have 1-2 2019 QX60 Pure left.

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exact numbers would be appreciated by anyone seriously looking on scoring a deal on the last day of month.

so what’s “tad bit better” exactly?


The numbers are in the calculator in the 1st post. If they are within your expectation for the deal, I can get couple of hundred more discount on selling price which varies on every model and can be as low as 200 to 500 on higher side on the selling price. It depends on lot of factors eg. the inventory they have etc. and to know exactly what that number would be I have reach out to them.

The idea is if you are serious about getting an infiniti today, the dealer will work with you if your expectations for a deal are reasonable on top of the advertised specials.

ahh thanks, I just read the catch “No MSD” for NY this month :frowning: I will keep my options open for future.

That’s not just this month. There’s never MSDs for Inifiniti for NY residents.

Okay, something new I learned just now. TBH, like most people I did not know what MSD even were before coming on this site.

Note: NY resident and in past have only shopped from NY dealers (no MSD’s)

There is no catch with MSD for Infiniti. It is never allowed for NY residents for this brand.

What i meant by NY residents will miss out this month because Infiniti MF is usually 0.00003 which is almost zero and there is no need to use MSD so the deal a NY resident gets is similar to NJ or CT resident.

This month Infiniti increased MF on most cars so NY residents miss out a bit compared to neighboring states as they can’t do MSD.

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Are any QX deals still available?

What is MF and residuals this month? Looking for luxe qx60 with essential and 3 month pull forward. Zip 07092

@vala4i @Kallark

The numbers for August are same compared to the last month. The QX60 pure is just 3 bucks better than July so hardly anything.

@HN308 summer bonus is already included into selling price?