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Anticipating my return for June 2021, and watching way too many CNBC small business shows…

Please see the latest version of my “Safe Shopping with Andy” Policy below, which discusses how I am working to protect the integrity of your transaction!

“Safe Shopping with Andy” Policy

  1. The only payment I ever collect from you is a $249 broker fee.

  2. Payments are processed with the utmost security & Payment Card Industry
    (PCI) best practices, completely shielding me from being able to further
    charge your card or see your card information. You are protected by your
    credit card of choice: No PayPal, No Venmo. Major Credit Cards Only.

  3. When you engage with me, you Sign & Pay directly with a mutually trusted
    third-party PCI-compliant e-signature and payment processor experience,
    which *authorizes* but does not charge your card for services rendered.

  4. I leverage fail-open refunds. Meaning: I have 7 days to service your
    deal before the bank expires the authorization. If I fail to service your
    deal within 7 days of collecting the authorization, I will unfortunately
    have to decline making the vehicle available to you, and recommend that you
    take your business to one of many competitors. I’d rather send you somewhere
    else than give you a terrible experience – and more than 7 days seems to be
    the threshold most customers are looking for!

  5. Once your card authorization is received, your deal details are securely
    routed to the dealership which attests that the deal is feasible, and
    also attests electronically and verifiably that your credit has been
    approved for the deal.

  6. Andy reviews your signed contract, and now also the dealer’s e-signed
    Commitment, and then returns the Countersigned paperwork to you. Once Andy
    Countersigns your paperwork, the $249 broker fee Authorization is Charged
    to your Major Credit Card.

  7. By the time you receive your Countersigned paperwork, you will have already
    communicated with the dealership regarding your credit score over the phone,
    and had the opportunity to ask your licensed salesperson any questions over
    the phone, before picking up or taking delivery of your new car from a
    licensed Hyundai dealership.

  8. You can compare your Countersigned paperwork, which will also have already
    been electronically confirmed to have been received and approved by the
    dealership, to any paperwork that you sign in-person at the dealership,
    where you complete your pick-up and acknowledge receipt of your new vehicle.

  9. As market prices change or pricing mistakes are discovered, I routinely make
    updates to my pricing sheets to ensure pricing is as accurate as possible
    for future viewers. Unfortunately, I cannot fully guarantee the accuracy of
    my advertised prices. However, this policy ensures that customers have the
    strongest degree of accountability I can assure, and that your individual
    deal is protected by this policy, before doing business with a car

  10. No Credit Score Discrimination. If you pay my $249 broker fee, but do
    not take the car, because your credit does not qualify for the payment at
    the tier you expected, my broker fee is fully refunded to you, by this
    policy. I do not have access to your credit score. I only have access to the
    following stateful information about your credit
    score/application/history/report: [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,Pending,Denied], as well as
    a record of whether or not you took the car.

Looking forward to working with you on your next lease deal soon, with your full peace of mind!

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Update June 2021

After taking the month of May off and watching the market go nuts, I am back on Leasehackr and fully up and running!

Thank you to everyone that checked up on me while I was taking the time off. I did not expect so many welfare checks, but really do appreciate them!

See the first post (or use the shortcuts below) to see pricing for each individual car.

Text me at 551-204-8712 for fast service!

:electric_plug: EVs in NJ and NY

Ioniq EV | Kona EV

:red_car: Gas Cars in Northeast, Florida, and Beyond…

All subject to the below Pricing Disclosures.

Elantra | Ioniq Hybrid | Sonata | Venue | Venue | Venue | Santa Fe | Palisade

Inventory shortages persist, but with the largest Hyundai dealer network of any broker, you have access to over 1000 new, in-stock Hyundais through me!

Please text me 551-204-8712 and let me know which car you like, how I can help you!

:green_heart: Andy

Do you also do Genesis?
If so when will the GV70 become available

I do offer the Genesis lineup by request, however pricing is typically not in-line with the expectations of the LeaseHackr community. They’re priced like luxury cars, versus the Hyundai marque which is priced really competitively. GV70 is still “coming soon”, plenty of GV80’s in stock.

Text me for quotes! 551-204-8712

I owe a few more models on this page (Hybrids: Ioniq, Elantra, Sonata, Tuscon, Santa Fe) - I have the hybrid and plug-in hybrid models and will post pricing soon! Gas prices should be fully up to date.

Use the below shortcuts for detailed pricing on all models in the Hyundai lineup.

Your pricing has shot through the roof.

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Holy cow. $620/mo for a Santa Fe with $3k DAS…what a world!!!


I am sorry but your pricing is really terrible I am sharing this deal so people have other data points.

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Truly is terrible at the moment, I contacted a Hyundai Dealer in NY and without any negotiation they beat your prices on the first offer. I didn’t even mention having a deal or anything, just looking for information.


Yes! Pricing has shot up across ALL Leasehackr posts - pretty much marketplace wide.
I don’t think there are any cars/dealers that have not seen ~$100/mo+ price increases over the last month.

This is not exclusive to Leasehackr, Hyundai, or me, as we are in a Global New Car Inventory shortage.

The reason why you’re seeing car pricing so high, is because dealers have very few cars in stock, and many dealers are jacking up the prices on the cars they have remaining.

What I can tell you, is I have over 1000 cars in stock right now (but dwindling), so I have access to the largest selection of Hyundais. When it comes to finding what you want, with the selection of popular colors & trims, you will find that I have access to the most diverse selection of inventory, when it comes to Hyundai, nation-wide.

I fully expect other Hyundai dealers to be able to match or beat my pricing - if they have the cars in stock. I also fully expect that your local dealer may not have the car you’re looking for - whereas I do.

Sure, there will always be specific cases where someone can find what they’re looking for in-stock, make an aggressive offer, and beat my pricing!

But even in @CapsCup2018 “data point”, it clearly says on that post “This deal cannot be replicated at the same dealer” and it also says that the car was NOT in stock, with at least a 12 day wait between negotiating and pickup.

In order to offer the best customer experience, I can only advertise prices that are repeatable at scale. I’d rather shoot high in the ad, and be able to delight the customer with a slightly lower price, versus the other way around. Customers have spoken, and they’d rather see a higher price in the ad and a lower price when they text me, versus seeing too low of a price on LeaseHackr, and getting a higher price from me in text message.

Tl~dr: Prices have jumped up, $100/mo or more, in line with the rest of the market, but if you’re having trouble finding the inventory - I can connect you to the exact car/trim/color you’re looking for - quickly and efficiently.

As a sneak peak, I can also tell you that CHARGE UP NJ is also about to launch, which will slash the prices of EVs in NJ significantly


2022 Hyundai Tucson Hybrid AWD Lease Specials

My partner dealers have a healthy pipeline of this brand new AWD SUV with…
…38mpg city/highway/combined!!

No plug to charge this AWD Tucson: just gas up and go. 6 Free Oil Changes & Tire Rotations Included!
Gets nearly 500 miles of range on a < 14 gallon tank of regular gas.

The 2022 Tucson is extremely competitive with the Toyota Rav4 Hybrid, and Ford Escape Hybrid, but packed with way more tech! See some reviews from YouTube here:

I am pleased to offer the most competitive AWD Hybrid SUV pricing I could find for June of 2021!

I know that new car prices are at an all-time-high, but consider how you can maximize the value of your lease over 3-years from driving a practical SUV that gets 38mpg. Plus, all of this is standard in the base model:


As always, here is my fully transparent pricing on this model. If it’s in stock, you can have it in your driveway for the advertised amount, plus only my $249 broker fee!

Text me at 551-204-8712 with your zip code and color preferences!

:green_heart: Andy

FYI RODO is $130/mo cheaper on the Tucson SE AWD. I know prices have gone up but damnnn….

I have a gilded Reddit post that discusses why Rodo can do stuff like that

It’s also not that I don’t have cars for cheaper than the minimums in my ads: but, to maximize the selection of available colors/options/trims, this pricing is what you can expect.

If you’re flexible on colors, or cars with a few demo miles on them, or something like that, prices can drop drastically. On the most popular colors, trims, and options, you will pay close or at what I’m advertising here.

Most important for me, is that nobody pays more than what I’m advertising here, which is also happening to some customers walking in to retail dealerships. There are still deals to be had, and I do have some of the most popular choices in stock today.

There’s also another broker on here that’s about $100 cheaper too. Seems like every brand has gone up significantly month over month.

I also have some one-off units that are ~$100 cheaper/mo; just not the most popular colors and trims.

If you want to see lower prices on my page, the most valuable thing you can do is find someone that can beat them, then post your signed deal in the Share a Deal Section. Ads for lower don’t mean much if the other seller doesn’t have the car you want in stock.

I actively use evidence of Signed Deals that beat my pricing, to go back to dealers, and negotiate with them at scale.

I have absolutely no incentive to jack up pricing, I just liaise between customers and dealers.

I understand that some are frustrated that prices have gone up, and you are more than welcome to express that frustation here - but, the only thing that will lower my prices, is hard evidence of deals completed this month that are cheaper than what I’m offering.

Without that evidence from this Community, I am limited in how hard I can push back on dealer markups. @CapsCup2018 has the right approach - taking the time to post a scanned Deal is showing me what I need to do better, versus telling me that prices can go lower without actual data on market-day-supply to back that up.

Use the below shortcuts for detailed pricing on all models in the Hyundai lineup.

Text me at 551-204-8712 with your zip code and color preferences!!

:green_heart: Andy

Think there might be a few typos in this latest pricing matrix…

Tier 1 credit has a higher payment than lower tiers on Tucson Limited & N-Line? And Tier 4 has the same $395 payment on an N-Line as Tier 1 does on an SE? Doesn’t add up.

Definitely a typo! Thanks @bikenski. Tier 1-3 should be the same payment for all models, except Palisade which only has 6 tiers instead of 7. I have updated the matrix, and hopefully corrected the typos.

Do not hesitate to post here when you see numbers that don’t make sense. I’ve got over 60 models/trims, so typos are bound to happen, but I try to fix everything ASAP as soon as I’m notified!

Use the below shortcuts for detailed pricing on all models in the Hyundai lineup (gas is currently frozen in time).

Text me at 551-204-8712 with your zip code and color preferences!

:green_heart: Andy

Update 6/17/2021: Market conditions have allowed Sonata, Elantra, and Kona prices to be lowered. The N-Lines are very high demand with limited color selection.

Note: I am still experiencing a “502 error” while attempting to edit OP, so I am posting latest pricing updates here temporarily.

Is there 2022 Tucson Hybrid Limited pricing?

Yes, sorry the navigation is a little wonky right now but I do have the 2022 Tuscon and Tuscon hybrid pricing listed here.

Hybrid pricing is missing from 1st post, unfortunately I am still getting the 502 error.