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So what is the current dealer discount? With $14k offered by Hyundai, what is the lease price before state or POS incentives?

Check back on or around December 3rd for your answer! Thank you for your interest!

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Hi Andy. PMed and texted you. Awaiting your reply.

Any news on the 2021 Elantras?

Looks like ioniq EV have the same deal in December as Nov. $13000 lease cash plus another $1000 for a total of $14K. Low inventory in Massachusetts.

Update 12/3:

The lowest priced EV lease in NJ on LeaseHackr is here for 2020!
Limited stock is remaining and no more 2020 EVs are coming in!
I only have 3 dozen EV SE trims remaining as of 11PM 12/3/2020.

  • Effective $92/month. 3 year total cost of $3312 for the Ioniq EV SE for NJ Residents.
  • EV Limited in NJ is $137/month, including all fees/rebates.
    EV Limited in NY: $137/month, tax and rebates inclusive, 36 equal payments.
  • My Ioniq EV SE deal continues to be the cheapest no-negotation EV deal in NJ, including ALL fees, including my broker fee, as well as your state and BonusDrive rebates.
  • Gas Elantras got even cheaper as well!

For all the prices in the box above, there are no additional taxes or fees. Everything is rolled in and you make 36 equal payments. In NJ, I’m within $1/month of the cheapest deal ever posted in NJ on this car on LeaseHackr.

I only have about 3 dozen SE models left, these will sell out quick. I have Limiteds too, which are also flying off the shelves. No more 2020 Ioniq EV SEs are coming to our area this year. It will be 2021s at higher prices from here on out once this final stock is depleted

For this $92 month car, you multiply $92 * 36 and your 3-year true cost is $3312. Just add car insurance and electricity for fuel. Must live in NJ. I do have gas cars in other states.

Text me at 551-204-8712 to reserve your place in line. Orders will be fulfilled in the order in which texts are received.

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Do you work with dealers in MA? Looking for a Ioniq EV SE.

Hyundai has $168 a month with $188 down plus $1000 on SE lease before taxes and doc fees.

If you can find any in stock and a dealer willing to honor that price :wink: Good luck! Here’s a printout of the national ad you’re mentioning, emphasis mine:

Regardless of this, don’t worry NJ customers, you’re ALL IN NJ at 36 x $92.

If you don’t go through me, here’s the ad clipping:

Dealer contribution may vary and could affect actual lease payment.

EV Limited in NY : $137/month, tax and rebates inclusive, 36 equal payments.

Is that $137 for NY correct, same price as NJ for the limited? What’s the DAS amount?

the same question, 137? what happened?

Yes, but Limited stock on Limiteds in NY at this price! Price in NY will go back up to around $171 or $199 for NY residents once stock at the cheaper dealership is depleted. Region of NY matters, as not all dealerships are willing to give the same discounts.

Text me at 551-204-8712 to save your spot, first come first serve.

Responses to texts WILL BE delayed, as I am receiving a lot of inquiries on these cars. Rest assured that although it may take a few days and lapse a weekend to get your car, requests are being processed in the order that they are received and inventory is available and earmarked specifically for my customers!

plz reply me, i want to lease one!!!i have sent you couple texts

Are the gas car prices updated for the month as well? Specifically the Kona prices?

Ok. So now dealers are not honoring advertised Hyundai prices? May help to have a link to a calculator for your pricing as there are assumptions about state rebates, bonus drive rebate, etc. in your net pricing. I think the NJ rebate is $25 per mile so $4250 off. Doc fees, registration and tax vary by state but should not be more than a $1000 total.

Correct. These dealers have no obligation to honor the ad price, and it says so on the ad itself.

The rebate amount is $4250 in NJ, and this is being averaged in to the $92 pricing. I don’t need anything to help sell these cars, all these cars will sell out very quickly, judging by the number of messages piling up on my phone.

Hurry if you want one! They definitely won’t be getting any cheaper and they’re almost all gone!

So instead of “dealer contribution” towards the cap cost, it appears now we have a dealer markup. I know you don’t need help selling in NJ because of the $4250 rebate. I am just educating everyone on advertised price. Typically dealers have their own discount and don’t try to markup to honor advertised price.

Typically, car dealerships want to make as much money off of you as possible. Cars sell for what the market will bear, and dealer’s own discount is to make up for gaps in market conditions and incentives to sell cars.

Sometimes, when the demand outpaces the supply, dealers mark UP the cars instead of marking them down. I assure you that this process is completely normal and common throughout the car sales industry. Especially when every dealer that has any of the car you want in stock is doing the same thing. Then, the dealer with the least amount of markup is gonna have the cheapest price. @Muhimbilidar you commented that dealer discount and manufacturer discount have nothing to do with each other. I tried to tell you that they are, in fact, very related, and that you won’t be able to maximize one when the other is already high. You are now seeing that play out, and watching every example of the car you like sell out before your eyes.

You should be focusing on what the car will cost YOU, and whether or not the payment sounds good to you based on your budget and needs. It turns out, for many, the $92/payment is low enough. Even knowing that the majority of the payment is padding the dealer’s pockets, it’s saving customers so much money on gas, and I have not yet had a single customer come back to me that did not love both their new car, and their payment!

Aiming to maximize dealer discount as a percentage, but losing sight of true cost in dollars, is a mistake that a lot of buyers on LeaseHackr make, all the time. Don’t be that guy! Drive a $92 car on an adventure and get on with your life instead of wondering whether or not 6 more hours of your life could have gotten the price down from $92 to $74. I understand that you’re in MA, you could have gotten one for around $150/month last month, but unfortunately that deal is gone now and prices will only go up for you from here.

The NJ-based customer pays $4/month cheaper than they would have last month. This is the cheapest car in NJ, and one of the cheapest car payments ever listed on LeaseHackr, even without the state-specific incentives.

There are less than 2 dozen Ioniq EV SEs left in the entire region and they’re going for the lowest price they ever have. It’s true, NJ and LeaseHackr’s CHEAPEST CAR has “negative dealer discount” - it’s actually marked up by the dealers. But it’s less aggressively marked up than dealers were putting on the 2019 Ioniq EVs in our region last year, and still a car at an iPhone payment that WILL SELL OUT.

It’s my mission to bring the lowest prices on Hyundais to this forum. I make the same amount on every car deal I broker, I’m not paid on profit, and seek to serve AS MANY customers from the Community as possible.

This is just the laws of supply and demand at work. Hyundai didn’t increase the lease cash until they sent the last shipload of cars over from Korea. It’s an unrealistically low sale to generate hype, because the Thursday Night Football commercial last year did so much for the '19 Ioniq EV. Dealers and everybody involved knows this. The $14k lease cash is a carefully crafted marketing effort designed to increase your interest in this car, And it Worked.

As your trusted lease broker advisor, I offer fully transparent personalized pricing via text message, complete with a personalized written quote that breaks down your exact total cost.


Ioniq performance - can anyone comment on the acceleration, especially merging onto the highway. Thanks

I just don’t want to deal with the painful dance routine with a dealer. That’s why brokers are out there.