Hire a Broker, whats the process

Ok, I am not very good at the car business but this forum saved my daughter thousands on her recent lease. I am wondering how I get a broker to help me get the best possible deal on the vehicle I am looking at?

Thank you All


Look at the list of registered brokers on this site (https://forum.leasehackr.com/groups/registered_business), check out which ones have been active on the site recently, and read their profiles to find out the best way to contact the ones that work in your area.

I would also recommend knowing exactly which vehicle you want down to the packages and rough MSRP, provide information in mileage/length of lease desired,

Also, unpopular opinion: go get a rough quote from a dealer just for yourself to see what’s being offered right off the bat

Regardless of what business it is, you never want to be uninformed. I trust brokers but I would suggest you do your own research and utilize a broker to secure the best deal possible.

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