Highlander Limited 2019 - Alabama - Good Lease?

I live in Montgomery, AL 36117 and will be trying to complete a lease agreement this month. My current lease on a Kia Sorento is up this month. I am looking at the Highlander Limited and would like advice on how to move forward.

MSRP: 45117
SalePrice: 41500
Residual: 67%
MF: .00171
Taxes: 17.33/mo
Acquisition Fee: 695
Other Fee: 616.50
CapCost: 43310

Cash Req: 491.73
Monthly Pmt: 491.73

Because of the advice that I have been reading on Leasehackr, I will begin looking at the Infinity QX60. At first glance they are out of the my league.

@Jrouleau426 has the Limited for $414+tax (before MSDs) in philly. If you can get by in an XLE, they’re much cheaper. You prob have a bit more room to negotiate (maybe $1500-2k off price), since close to $500 is… high.

Also, you should apply max MSDs. It’ll lower the payment even more

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Thanks for your advice. How can i determine how many MSDs i can apply? Is this completely up to the dealership?

Not set by dealer. I believe Toyota allows up to 9 or 10

9 msds through Toyota. At least in the north east that’s the policy.

So, what would be a good selling price percentage off of msrp for the XLE?

Go for 15-18% off. That’s what Jim can get

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Got to the dealer and the vehicle they quoted me above is a “dealer trade” vehicle with 600 miles on it. Not sure what this is. How is this different than brand new? How should that Change the sales price/percentage.

I mean, it prob means it was involved in a locate (ie they had a car someone at another dealership wanted so they just swapped). 600 miles on a car is still pretty low.

Why don’t you reach out to multiple dealers and see what you can get? If you’re ok with an XLE you should be able to get competitive offers since it’s the most popular trim.

hi there, what are MSDS? thanks

Is the highlander Hybrid AWD?