Good Day! i have adjust most of my EQ’s on the spread sheet. I have been quoting SLOWLY on 2024, but note the BEST deal is on the 2023 EQB and EQE500x4, (however, i am still waiting for costs due to our CDK Situation)… If you are interested in the EQB, we are at 389/down 389/month NO MSD.

4 EQB = $389 down - $389/month 36months /7500 miles per year, With NO License title and fees / Fleet APPLIED!

Hi everyone! PLease note that the $389 doesn’t have MSD and would reduce the payment if you apply it. ALso, since the rate is so low you can only do a MAX of 7 MSD. THE Eqe is also current loaner. I am trying to get the valid cost, but estimate is $699/month. If it’s lower, i will make it so. If you are interested, please DM me so i can process this deal.

i would like to add. There are pricing everywhere, but my pricing is the MONTHLY as the DOWN and you would have to add License,Title, Fees and Shipping. If you want a lower payment, increase the DOWN and it will lower it signicantly. Similar is $3485 DOWN $299/month on the EQB. with MSD: $3485 DOWN + MSD = $278/month

Hey, still somewhat new here but is this EV only or do you do gas cars too? We’re specifically interested in the GLE 450

Does the EQB come with 2 years of free charging at Electrify America?

Yes they do

Only EV , I don’t have any specials on GLE450e

One question, gle450 hybrid or just gas?

Hi - Do you have any GLE450 hybrid available - Even without huge specials ?

i have one left. It’s a white one, we sold the other 4 in one week

I know your deals are pre-negotiated, but do you think there is a chance the dealer will get more aggressive at end of the month since lease support is ending? Essentially, will they offer you better terms to pass on to us.

Edit: Referring to the 2023 EQB 300

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i wont negotiate down. Only because it’s not fair for the first ones who get it. That’s why all mine have sold. I always try to be agressive upfront. Finally, the other point, is the only way i would adjust if and only if , Mercedes-Benz changes their incentives. (EQB support ends in AUGUST, not July)


Update, We sold the NEW EQB, the Last GLE Loaner and i have just a few more left of the EQB’s . First one get’s them. Thank you!

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EQE500X4 calculators are up: the BUILD SHEETS are next to them— CAN I PLEASE ASK YOU the MEMBERS for advice. Can you please reply here if you can see the build sheet within the spread sheet?

Hi Everyone! I just want to remind everyone, that with all the LH members, i was able to sell ALL my 2023 EQs in my NEW CAR inventory. This allowed us to assist in pricing and get people the best deals. With this, the next best deals is my remaining 2023’s EX-LOANERs within the SPREAD Sheet. If you are interested in a great DEAL 2024, i am agressive in pricing! this is now open, so all you have to do:

go to Mercedes-Benz of Portland and choose a Vehicle
Send a request sheet: EV Quote Request
at this point, i send you a quote without TAX, TITLE and REG and if you agree to the base price, then I just need your approval to give you the final number

After which i will wait for an approval and decline and then we ship the car to you.

Thank you so much and i look forward to helping you in the future!!!

One question i get Asked the most: YES!! WE DO OUT OF STATE DEALS. please note that SHIPPING is NOT INCLUDED, but i assist in getting you the transport that you pay COD

Sold EQB66777L, we have one left that is outside of LOANER. Ending in PN067056L /

here are the two Build Sheets for teh EQE
MSRP_EQE500X4_0370644251_3214d668_20240712.pdf (3.1 KB)
MSRP_EQE500X4_0370644253_ad49edce_20240712.pdf (3.0 KB)

Do you know how the new EV tax in NJ affects a 2 year lease and how much is total tax to be paid on a lease?