What is Affinity, Fleet or control number?

AMEX or a company your work that can provide a fleet control number.

Hi Everyone! Thank you to the 4 Customer who took advantage of the $500 additional off on their leases. 4 Cars were already sold.

I updated the NEW PRICES ON THE EQB’S. They are right at around 400-416/month. Let me know if you are interested

Hi Everyone! If you had a LEASE with Mercedes-Benz currently (which is planned to end before September 2024) or If you bought our your lease in 2019 and 2020, please Let me know. You may be entitled to a Rebate.

Reminder this is my CURRENT LIST. i adjusted Pricing for EQE and EQB

Hi everyone, it looks like i am close to selling out the EQE, I have one more EQB New – and just a few more left of EQB -EX/Loaner.

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Any of these available in the SF Bay Area?

@Dash It’s avaialble all around the USA. The numbers listed within the Spreadsheet are without TAX, Title, Reg – and Shipping cost will vary, but we setup COD and we assist to get you the best pricing for shipping. For SF, it should be around 500-700 for shipping

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Did you get my message?

HI everyone! We have – a 2024 G550 and a 2024 GT55, I will be sending out pricing, but these are speciality cars.

THE G-550 is our FINAL EDITION and is NEW:
Lease is
$12756 DAS / $2756 per month - 36 months -7500 miles per year
(one of the NEW G550’s Sold 8k below MSRP)

2024 GT55 Black Black
$12257 DAS / $2257 per month - 36 months - 7500 Miles Per Year

These are for individuals interested in a great deal - on a speciality vehilce.