sorry, that’s unfortunate. If you have a AMEX card, you should be able to use that log in. BUt i would highly suggest to contact AMEX as their customer service is very good working with customers

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Hi Everyone! We have a EQS450x4 back on Line. There may still be a deal on it. But , first one to get it , will get the deal

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EQS450x4 was sold.

Just to clarify, this car was already sold, and unfortunately, I couldn’t get the final numbers approved by MBFS, which then released this car back to the public. In the efforts to move fast and sell over 300 this past year, I need all the information to give you the final numbers. In this case, I received it from a client, and I processed the deal for their approval. It was approved in moments.

I truly apologize to all those who were in the balance of this deal. I wish I had more, but now I have ONLY 2023 EQBs, and the next deals will be in 2024 if they give incentives.

For all those who have purchased, CONGRATS, and thank you for working with me! I can’t believe we cleared out 160 Units in 5 months! To me, that’s just crazy… so thank you to all of you!

I still have EQB’s and if you are interested it’s in this thread-- and if and when the 2024’s come out, i will be here to give you the best deal possible!

THANK YOU TO Customer/New Friend “EA” for taking the last EQS-SUV from our inventory!

Hi everyone!!! So, to update, ALL i Have left in 2023’s are EQBs. With this, I would like to know everyone’s opinion. Can you tell me what you have seen in regards to 2024 EQs (EQE, EQS, EQB) – I want to know if it’s worth the effort to put the 2024 deals out there. Looking forward to hearing from everyone!

HELLO Everyone! I am going to do something that MAY or MAY NOT work yet. I will quote only on FRIDAY, 4/19/2024. These 100 cars may work for leasing. At the moment, this is a test idea-

This process I was testing will not work. I am sorry for the inconvenience

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what’s the difference between EQS580V4 vs EQS580X4?

V4 means sedan 4 matic, X4 is suv 4Matic


any of these are loaners?

Great selection! Hopefully it would work out on your end and post some price samples too so we can get a rough idea on the pricing.


No sorry these are not loaners

Hey Benz I been looking for eqs lease I sent you a pm

Thank you Everyone. The reason why i started this way is to see the interest and how I can go about doing this. This is a process, but I will let everyone know what I can do. Normally for me to do a quote I need information. SO, until Friday, let me know through the post if you are interested. I received most of your DM. I assure you, I will get back to all of you once I know.

Hi, would like leasing info on the EQS580 SUV

Hello, I would be interested in a eqs 450x4.

EQS450X4 or EQS580X4

Any chance you can say what pre-incentives discounts look like? I have an EQS lease ending in 3 weeks and I might consider another one at the right price. If I know the type of discount, I run the numbers on my own before wasting your time on a formal quote.

EQE 350X or whatever is cheapest

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I will quote the maximum discounts and all incentives for the vehicles listed. The difference is that these cars are unique that they are in several of our sister stores. I currently need to know if I can process my programs with cars that are from a different store. That is why, I have to wait for the right formula for this to work. I am aware everyone is eager, and honestly, I am too. If I can do it, it will be agressive as what you have seen everywhere— just note that MSRP will dictate the monthly of the EQ. The higher the MSRP within a Model, like EQS580x4 the more it will be per month.

hi, I’m interested in EQS450V & EQS580V, thanks!

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Interested in eqs580x4 / 450x4, third row and heads up display

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