I am interested in EQS SUV with 3rd option. Ideally white but willing to work with black as well. Please hmu if you have anything. My zip code is 98072. I do have Amex coupon. Thank you.

Will do @coryj45

I believe i saw your request, i emailed you .@Gladtbx

Just a few updates – i have 3 EQS580x4 left. 2 Black, one Alpine Grey. Only 1 EQS450x4 with a 3rd Row and only 1 EQB350 with a 3rd row. I do have EQE SUV and EQB, and more than a few EQE-Sedan and EQS-Sedan. Thank you to all who have become clients and now friends of mine!

Interested in EQS SUV, what’s your best lease deal?

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Hi Everyone! The ONE EQS450X4 with a Third Row has been sold. Any others, requests please submit at the top of this Post: HI This is BENZORNOTHING! MERCEDES-BENZ EQ Specific Thread!

I wanted to confirm that you and I have communicated. If you sent in a request, Just pick one from our website. The LOWEST price is the EQS450X4, the BEST is a the $131k EQS580X4

Can you share calculator for eqs 450 suv (the one you mention is lowest price)


MUST HAVE FLEET (it’s included in the PRICE) and this does not have Tax, Title and REG. Just give the MSD and a TRUE ZERO down.

Hi everyone! I am down to the last 4 before Objective. once I hit it, then the additional discount will go away.

GOOD CYBER MONDAY! Just to give an update. I have 2 slots left. I have ONE EQS580 Left. I do have other EQB/EQE/EQS450X4/V4 – So, Once, I am done with the 2, then I am done with the discounts! Thank you!

i have ONE more spot to give. Please choose a car from:

then Fill out this request:

Special on the EQB and EQS580X4 with the MSRP of $131k :slight_smile:

Is there any pull ahead for current lessees of an EQS 450+? Lease to Lease loyalty?

Yes, as long as the lease ends before MARCH 31.

What’s the special on EQB?

i have 1 slot left, and the EQB is: W1N9M0KB7PN056548 / It’s a more loaded one - but is a great deal

It is a great build. Never seen anything like it! Pinnacle and Tech Pkg w/ Heads Up Display under 68k!

I know right? @derekoh1991 – Really a great build.

What’s the DAS and monthly payment on the EQB?

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