HersheySweet - Broker - Nationwide JLR & VOLVO

Though he was not able to directly assist due to geographical issues, Curtis was a consummate professional, and was able to direct me to someone within my region to assist with a Volvo lease. And even though we were not able to work together, Curtis’s knowledge and experience were very apparent–I would recommend him to anyone looking for a new Volvo!

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@HersheySweet was a pleasure to work with. He provided invaluable advice and support on a lease deal I was working in Texas. Although he had no incentive or reason to help, he never hesitated to go through numbers with me to evaluate the deal I was getting and was a huge help. If you are looking for a car, please do reach out to Curtis as he is very knowledgeable and will definitely take care of you!

Thanks again Curtis!

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@HersheySweet literally just helped me dogde a major bullet. Was dealing with a broker that I thought was reputable posted a question on the forum but @HersheySweet was able to help me realize that they were scammers undercover. Cant thank you enough !


Was that undercover broker/scammer on this site?

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@Splattered no I do not believe so

After spending so much time on this forum it’s difficult to know when you have actually achieved a good deal and when you need to keep pushing. Based on Curtis’ helpful commentary on other deals, I asked him to look over my deal. Curtis was kind, helpful, and extremely responsive! He probably helped ensure that I didn’t push to hard and lose the deal I have been working on for months. Thanks again!

Just used Curtis to lease a 2021 xc60 T5 inscription w/advance & climate control.

We texted him at 10pm at night and he got back to us instantly with all options available and found the exact, down to the T car that we were looking for. We changed interior color, changed MSDs, changed mileage per year and he accommodated everything, got us pricing and information within hours.

We got to the dealership, the car was ready, papers were ready, probably the best experience we ever had acquiring a car. (we have never leased before) The price that he quoted us was the same down to the penny when we got to the dealer. No hard upsell tactic either.

10/10 would recommend if you are looking for someone who takes care of you and finds you a killer dealer. Excellent customer service, thank you again Curtis.


Absolute pleasure to help a local out, don’t forget to sack our local dealer of their snacks :smiling_imp:

Enjoy the new XC60!

Just got a new XC90 thru Curtis. He was excellent with everything from finding the right car to delivery. Will use him again for all my leases.easiest lease ever. Keep up the good work.